Jesse Vega Delivers a Passionate Ballad with, "For U"

Hailing from New York City's Tri-State Area, the dance-pop/r&b recording artist and singer-songwriter Jesse Vega releases a passionate and sweet single entitled "For U."

With an upcoming performance at Bronx Pride on July 17th, 2021, Jesse Vega is eager to introduce listeners to his uplifting stylings while also making his big debut with his lead single, "For U." Also, in the running for the LDM Radio 2022 voting submission in the Latin and Pop categories, Jesse Vega is truly creating a unique artistic path for himself.

Now releasing his passionate pop single, "For U," Jesse Vega makes it difficult to turn away from a song so genuine, uplifting, and energetic. Also releasing a Spanish version of the single entitled "Seras Tu," Jesse Vega offers his heart to someone dear to him while reminding them that their love knows no bounds.

Produced by VOKIDO and vocal production by INV3RT, Jesse Vega's single, "For U," begins with a thumping 808 kick alongside a bright and beaming keyboard melody. As Jesse Vega makes his rich vocal appearance alongside his lively sonic arrangements, he opens his heart and reminds someone special that his every whim is for them. We adore the energy and life of this single. "For U" reminds us of the warmth of love and what it feels like.

The warm vocal production underlying this production allows Jesse Vega to perfectly showcase his dynamic stylings while entrancing the listener in a vivid daydream. As we make our way to the outro, Jesse Vega continues his passionate vocal venture while accompanied by his modern and energetic pop production.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, Jesse. We truly admire the genuine heart and passion you've delivered within your latest single, "For U." What inspired you to create a single based on the devotion you have for someone special?

The single was no surprise when I was developing my first ever Spanish record “Seras Tu”/For U”. I been With my partner going on a decade and I wanted to pay tribute to the love of my life by giving the record kind of a love letter of dedication. Saying thank you for being by my side. Always staying true and it’s us against the world. I would say it was all a labor of love.

What was it like writing your lyrics with Cool-Breeze for "For U?" Was this your first time working together?

Cool-Breeze and I have Worked prior to my sophomore Pop/R&B album “Who I Am”(2019). Originally, I wanted My record “Let Me” which became my second single off that last album to be in Spanish and English. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that so time went on and we created this song based on the story I was telling him on my relationship and how I wanted this song to be Bi-lingual. Cool-breeze helped with the writing and translating my English version into Spanish and the rest is history.

How did producers VOKIDO and INV3ERT help bring "For U" to life? What was your collaborative experience like working alongside these two producers?

Working with Vokido and INV3RT is a blessing. The fact is we worked back to back on these records is no disguise. Mind you, these guys are from Asia the other side of the world was amazing to work with producers outside the US appreciating music the way I do. Vokido was the one who constructed the beat. We worked previously on my last single back in 2020 “Keep Watching Me”-Remix. He specializes in electro-pop Dance music. So I presented Him the acapella and he constructed a suitable beat to fit the dynamic of the song. I love How moving the pianos gradually take over the baseline is very euphoric. I wanted it to have that ambiance and a record where you can play in your car over the horizon with your lover and groove to the beat over the sunset. As for INV3RT is my main go-to guy currently. We’re working on some fire records. He gets me mentally, musically, and vocally. He knows my strengths and weakness and is so understanding when creating magic. So I had To hit him up when it came to the vocal production. The way he made the vocals are like butter and I’m so happy he killed it.

What inspired you to not only release an English version of "For U," but a Spanish version as well, entitled "Seras Tu?"

Being Hispanic in a Latino heritage runs through my blood. The Spanish language is something I grew up listening from my family to the music that passed down through generations. The struggle was having myself believe I can Speak fluently and accurately without getting judged. It was a challenge and almost worried I would not pay it justice. As an artist, you have to challenge yourself to do things that are not what I would say “comfortable”. So I had To stay true to my personality and sound. So instead of making this record obvious in a Latin beat with the Latin language, I made It to my strengths into a pop beat with the Spanish language. What gave it a little touch of personality was the fact it switches up on the second verse with rap is my fave!

What's next for you?

What’s next is the most amazing thing is both “Seras Tu” and “For U” is considered as a running contender for the 2022 LDM Independent Radio Music awards for both Latin Category & Pop category. So now my #V3GATRONS can now vote online to help me be a finalist for summer 2022 to hopefully earn an award for both Latin and Pop. Of course, July-Sept upcoming performances July 17, 2021, will be premiering “Seras Tu” live for the Bronx Pride Festival. 2 Brooklyn Showcases Aug 28 & Sept 19.