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Jesse Vega Looks For Wonderland In “Alice”

From the illuminated streets of New York City, Jesse Vega pays tribute to Alice In Wonderland through his pop single “Alice,” a gift to the fans of this fantastic story.

Jesse Vega is an actor, dancer, comedian, and musician. In sum, he’s an artist who likes to explore many fields and feed his craft on what he finds. There is no wonder why he takes such a great story like Alice in Wonderland and makes a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Alice.”

“Alice” is exactly what the lyrics say, a search for a world where your heart is alive. It places you in a world of fantasy. You just need to give in your mind to the music. In other words, “Alice” is a song you would listen to on the best night in a club you could ever imagine.

Getting into the song, it begins with an incredible instrumental that you would hear in an epic adventure movie and Jessie Vega’s voice inviting you to go with him to ‘a world where your mind can be free.’ The story continues with a powerful track that combines drums, violin, and key sounds alongside the energetic and exciting voice of Jesse Vega.

As “Alice” goes on, you want to go home less and less. The pauses and changes of sounds are dynamic and thrilling, and every second is a charge of happiness that you can’t miss. It seems that little Alcie has gone to a party, and it is amazing.

Press the play button and get on a trip to a land of fantasy through Jesse Vega’s new single, or rabbit hole, “Alice.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jesse Vega, and congratulations on your fantastic new release, "Alice." What inspired you to make a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Alice?”

The minute I heard Lady Gaga’s song “ALICE” in her 2020 studio album “Chromatica”. I was Hooked on the song, production, and dramatics of how she delivered vocally that I had To do a cover of it. I knew If Gaga would do a visual for it, it wouldn’t be the interpretation that you see on my YouTube channel. As artists, we gravitate to our own perception of how we see a song's visual take on what caters to us. So for me, Disney and Musical Theatre is where my heart lies, and the song “ALICE” was a perfect way for me to do an “ALICE In Wonderland” theme music video.

What were the most enjoyable moments when making “Alice?”

The most enjoyable moment doing “Alice” was working with the team. When I mean The team, I mean The people behind making the visual happen. Working with Phoenix Rosario, the cinematographer for the visual, and my Choreographer, Virgo Beauty, was making the journey easy. They were just as passionate as I was. Making the visual not only for us but for the world to see. Everyone put in their take with love, dedication, and hard work to make the video happen. Let me tell you, leading up to production was not easy.

How do you expect making “Alice” impact your career?

Hopefully, with the grace of god. Theatre Producers or Music A&R or, more importantly, people in the TV or Theatre world. Can view this and see how much talent and passion I have To be a perfect fit to be in their projects when it comes to musicals. All my life, since the age of 15, I have always wanted to be part of a musical but never got the opportunity. The only time I was in was J.R. high's “The Wiz.” Other than that, no one has offered me the opportunity; hopefully, this will be it.

What other stories would you like to include in your music?

Heartbreak, Love, and even empowerment themes. I am in pre-planning my next single off my third independent studio project. It would be more intimate, emotional, and heartfelt. It’s a song I feel is near and dear that I went through life experiences, and that song will be a mini Short Film Music Video for the top of 2023.

What's next for you?

Enjoying the ride of this release of “Alice,” sending it to everyone and anyone to view this as my audition reel to book me in their projects pertaining to musical theatre. Lastly, saving money after all of this for the Christmas holidays, haha.

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