Jesse Vega Shares His Summer Song “Let Me” to Boost Your Mood

Back in April of 2019, singer/songwriter Jesse Vega released his single "Let Me" to precede his pop/R&B album 'Who I Am.' The song is meant to be carefree and spunky, an anthem to all those crazy summer memories of falling in love. Jesse Vega's unique vocals give the upbeat pop song a gritty feel, very different from what you typically hear on pop radio. He loosely moves through the melody, getting lost in his lyrics. His vocal effects give another jubilant layer to the song. He is accompanied by a simple, catchy beat that matches the fun and fearless atmosphere of the lyrics. Jesse switches it up for the bridge and gives us a rap verse that feels more natural and suited to his voice. He flows through the words with emotion, but still keeping his cheerful summer vibe.

Jesse's lyrics encompass summer love at its finest, full of passion and longing for something so new and exciting. He put a lot of energy into the track and made sure the production fits his high-spirited personality. The music video for "Let Me" has just recently celebrated one year on YouTube, featuring eccentric dancing and beach fun, so be sure to go show it some love.

Hello Jesse, and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. What Was your creative process like for “Let Me”? When did the idea spark in your head? Let me originally was titled “Exotic” back in 2008. The song initially had an open verse. Due to massive changes in my life, the song got put on hold. It was not until when I went Back into the studio in early 2018 when I was In the early stages of working on my sophomore album “Who I Am” I decided To pick up where I left Off 10 years ago. While coming up with ideas, melodies, and new material for my new sophomore project. The idea sparked up my creative process while walking by Bedford Park Boulevard in the Bronx. I was Leaving Lehman College and I was waiting for the 4 train. Within 20 minutes I went from picking up a 10-year-old song named “Exotic” and re-changing my melodies and style into an Island/pop song now changed to what it called “Let Me.” Do you ever see yourself experiencing with different genres?

As an artist when recording music or coming up with ideas is very important to try new things and stretch your creative brain muscle. For me, my main basis when Taking on new sounds I’m like does this compliment my personality. Will, I ever See myself performing this and how can the element of dance add on to this new style when I expose Myself to an audience or the internet.  There always has to be a connection between me as the artist and the music I'm conveying to the world.  How Long have you been making music & who are your inspirations? As of September 2020, it will make 4 Years I been Doing music professionally on putting out my own original work. I always Was intrigued and inquisitive with the idea of recording and doing music since I was 17 years old. It took me years and years of believing in myself till I turn 25. A big part of my huge inspiration that pushed me to do it was my Father. God rest his soul he died in 2014 due to Prostate Cancer. My father, Always knew his son was talented at a young age from doing Acting, Dancing, and when he saw I was doing Cover Music Videos and singing other artist’s songs. He himself as well as my Mom always wanted me to do my own original material. At that time of my life, I was too stubborn to believe I can expose myself freely without being in another artist's shadow. It was the fear of not being accepted and not good enough to have people still be comfortable with a new “Jesse Vega”. Your last album was released back in the summer of 2019, do you have any new music releases planned for the near future?

To be honest I am....not at the moment I don’t Have anything to release or put out. I’m creating ideas and themes and what sounds I would Like to tap into for a future project or possibly a record of some sort. I’m just enjoying the process of being content and proud that I can Say I have Finally had more than 1 album on my belt. To not only be proud of achieving the unthinkable of just doing that. At this time I’m at a good place to give myself more credit then what I tend To do. There many people and artists who don’t even have 1 récord out let alone multiple albums. So I think that says that enough for one person to do.