Jessica Foxx Normalizes Vulnerability with “Heartbreak Anthem”

Jessica Foxx is a small town, big dreams pop artist from a farm town in Connecticut. She was a born musician who began dancing and performing at age 3. Throughout her childhood, Jessica took acting and vocal classes to harness and improve her natural talents. After she moved to Los Angeles in 2014, she was accepted into the Vocal Performance program at the prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Soon after, Jessica Foxx began to release her original music that fuses aspects of dark pop and electro-pop. She creates an edgy musical personality with this unique blend of genres.

Jessica’s new release “Heartbreak Anthem” blends electronic sounds and wicked vocals to create a dark tone. She hits every note effortlessly, showing off her powerful vocal abilities. The electronic soundtrack is subtle enough for listeners to focus most of their attention on Jessica’s vocals and lyrics. “Heartbreak Anthem” is a relatable song about numbing emotions after experiencing heartbreak. It is a confidence-boosting track that allows fans to have a soundtrack to their independence. Jessica engages her audience by connecting with them through the honest, authentic messages within her songs. She keeps her fans close to her heart as she continues to maintain her relationship with the “Foxx Mafia” through social media.

Listen to "Heartbreak Anthem" here.

Hey there Jessica Foxx! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re completely thrilled to feature your single “Heartbreak Anthem”. Could you share with us what inspired the catchy song? Hi thank you for having me! The whole idea was when you have a huge crush on someone but don't know if the feeling is reciprocated. You've been anticipating hearing from them and it's kinda all you can think about. You're just waiting on some words of affirmation that they're feeling the same way! I had a huge crush on this guy and basically got ghosted by him when I started writing this song so I was feeling pretty grim about the situation, luckily songwriting is very therapeutic for me and I was able to get the rollercoaster of emotions out and move on. I hope this song does what it did for me to whoever listens to it and is dealing with a similar situation. You started releasing your own music after moving to LA in 2014. How has your life as an artist changed since moving out here? I've definitely been mastering my craft. I write all my own music and it used to take me forever to finish a song, but it's easier for me to get all my ideas out quickly now that I have a sort of systematic approach to my songwriting. My mentor, while I was in music school, was Leland, he's written for Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan and so many other huge artists, I learned a lot from him. I also interned for Rodney Jerkins "Darkchild" for a few months after I finished school and was able to watch the way he and his team created songs that were legendary. I think collaborating with other people and seeing different approaches to songwriting can only help the creative process! Could you share with us some major artistic influences of yours? I have an obsession with the early 2000s and it really influenced this song in particular. It's the stuff that made me so excited about the music industry when I was a kid and why I wanted to become a singer. I loved the pop anthems, crazy music videos, and theatrical performances from that time and want to bring that back. But my main influences are Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson. "Blackout" is my favorite album of all time and Britney's videos and performances are self explanatory-she's a legend. Manson's ability to provoke such strong opinions from the world through his art and not care what people think is so liberating to me. I appreciate anything that's controversial and pushes boundaries to get people thinking. It reminds me of this Gaga quote “When you make music or write or create, it's really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you're writing about at the time.” Which is really what I did with this song, I felt so dramatic writing it but knew I needed to take it to that extreme level of vulnerability to tell the story. You have quite the fanbase, aka the “Foxx Mafia”. What do you think your fans like most about you and your music? I think they appreciate that I'm a DIY artist. I don't have a whole team of people influencing what I'm doing so they know all the stuff I do is coming straight from me. I write my lyrics and melodies, I come up with my single artwork and photoshoot ideas myself and soon music videos. I have a very clear vision and I think they know the best has yet to come with me, I plan on doing big things. What can fans anticipate next from you Jessica Foxx? More consistency with my music in 2020!