Jessica Morale is a Dark Electro-Pop Queen

Miami’s own multitalented artist Jessica Morale is a Singer, Songwriter, and Producer who uses her platform to inspire a message of self-love.

She is known for her advocacy for both mental health and female empowerment and combines both her songwriting and production in a way that brings attention and passion to these issues.

Having recently branched out into dark electro-pop, Jessica’s intense synths, instrumentals, and drum beats truly compliment her empowering energy.

Her sultry vocals are dynamic as they flow effortlessly between a softer tone and a passionate chorus – effectively representing the ups and downs of her lyrical stories.

When Jessica Morale sings about self-love she doesn’t just talk about the good parts. Her lyrics are brutally honest and strip down the journey to self-love by describing the emotions through every stage. It’s her raw honesty as she allows herself to feel vulnerable that truly comforts the listener. 

Jessica Morale emits motivation, while also giving permission for listeners to become introspective about their own journeys towards self-love.

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