Jessica Sevier Gives Us a Modern Country Twist on Her Newest Release "Long Drive"

Rising contemporary country/folk artist Jessica Sevier is back at it with her most recent single "Long Drive"! As an artist who has crafted her sounding and gained that pivotal songwriting experience, Jessica brings a sense of expertise to her music. Her approach to the overall melody of her overall sound as an artist is gentle and genuine. With a modern twist on her execution, she successfully brings a new element to country and folk music.

We know that Jessica isn't done yet with expressing her artistry, and we're psyched to be showcasing "Long Drive"! Jessica has an amazingly soft touch on her music. Her voice is subtle and delicate throughout "Long Drive". The artist's latest track features velvety violin chords, mixed in with a flowing atmospheric environment. Do you know those tracks that sound almost whimsical when you listen to it?

That's the exact kind of ambiance Jessica Sevier imparts onto her listeners--the feeling of being caught in a fairytale. That precise collection of instrumentals that Jessica picks to feature within "Long Drive" is what makes the track stand out, and ultimately complement the voice of Jessica even further. "Long Drive" is a track that shouldn't be missed out on, especially since the crafting of this particular track from Jessica is extremely eloquent. 

Give a listen to Jessica's single "Long Drive" here.

Hey there Jessica! Thanks for taking the time to talk with us about your most recent single "Long Drive"! What an incredible sound you've managed to craft with this particular song. Can you tell us more about your creative vision for "Long Drive" and how you found the inspiration for the song?

Long Drive came about one summer afternoon as I watched the smoke from the Parry Sound fires drift over the lake. It made me think about the fleeting moments of life and how people and things can come and go in an instant. These emotions manifested into words that I immediately wrote down. Little did I know that these words would turn into a song about finding what has been lost and the physical and mental imagery that comes along with that journey. 

Your music, especially your recent music such as "Long Drive" has an incredibly reflective atmosphere that we received as listeners. What's the main effect you want to convey to your listeners through "Long Drive"?

When listening to Long Drive, I want people to feel a sense of longing and nostalgia. The lyrics are depicting the steps that the narrator is taking to find their other half. While on their way, they recall past moments triggered by imagery as well as all the motivations for finding this person. I want every listener to find their own meaning in the lyrics, but also feel like they are on the journey to discovery as well. 

Do you ever face doubts about your creative approach as you're working through the songwriting and recording process, or do you mainly stay confident with your musical insight?

Like most artists, yes, I do face doubt momentarily while writing. Sometimes I feel that just because I like a sound doesn’t mean that everyone listening will like it as well. However, I am able to take a step back and reassure myself that it is okay if not everyone is a fan of my music. Everyone has different tastes and it is impossible to please every crowd. I feel many artists face this dilemma as well.

Are you planning on performing in the near future to showcase your new music? Where has been your personal favorite venue to perform at thus far in your artistic career?

Yes! I am planning shows in Toronto and London, Ontario. I can’t announce any events yet, but they will be very exciting shows. All updates about live events are always updated on my website and social media platforms. As for favorite venues, well, all of them have been my favorite! It is impossible to choose just one venue when everywhere I go I am greeted with such warm words and supportive people. 

Do you see yourself ever incorporating genres that you haven't worked with before into your new music?

I definitely have considered touching upon other genres. I grew up listening to a lot of rock music and eventually I think it would be super cool to write songs that are more rock-based. However, right now I am happy with writing what flows naturally with my lyrics and mood. 

Thanks again Jessica for taking the time to come on BuzzMusic! Any parting words for the BuzzMusic readers?

I would like to say thank you to everyone that has been streaming my music and taking the time to follow my musical journey. My social media is always a great way to keep updated with what I am doing if you are interested in knowing more about me my Instagram is @jessicasevier, Facebook is @jessicaseviermusic and website at