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Jessica Sweetman Releases "Love And Diamonds Rings”

Jessica Sweetman isn’t pulling any punches with her debut album titled “Let Me Be Honest” ! and the records consisted on this project? Complete fire! But in particular? Let’s discuss the pop-like rhythmic panoramic hit, “Love And Diamonds Rings”. This song is what we call the full-package! Let’s first highlight the production of the beat. It was like this nice theatrical approach fused with regular light pop-trap in the bass, and a nice elemental jazz texture floating across the record. The arrangement was flawless, but it was Jessica’s delivery in which made this song POP.

Her sassy approach to the projection of the lyrics gave us a nice soulful, and light-hearted blues component to the record. All these elements combined with stylistic sound fx to complement the lyrics made for a great mainstream appeal- hit. Jessica Sweetman is a blissful artist with a breathtaking sound while “Love And Diamonds Rings” remains as one of her personal hits that could potentially skyrocket the career of a true upcoming star!

Listen to "Love And Diamond Rings" here and get to know more about Jessica Sweetman below!

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