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Jessy Barham Refuses To “Bow Down”

Metal music hits differently. It’s a genre that can change your mood with just a simple rift and an electric guitar. Jessy Barham knows that her latest single ‘’Bow Down’’ uses her influences from metal and folk to reflect all her feelings and speak out to the world.

Jessy Barham is from San Diego, California. Her newest single was released on September 17, 2022, adding to a finite repertoire of heartfelt tunes. "Bow Down" is a song where she sings about her feelings and personal situations with some anger.

There are moments in your life when things just seem normal; people settle for the simplest. It’s never too late to do something that excites you, and Jessy is the perfect example.

Her song is about things inside that she has been keeping from everyone, and now she has decided to sing about that. Barham’s dedication and love for what she's doing inspire her to continue working and releasing way more music.

"Bow Down" is a song dedicated to someone who hurt Jessy. She felt lonely and without freedom, angry because of all the years lost beside a person that was only hurting her.

Life is hard for some people, and music will always be good therapy. Use Jessy’s hit as an example of being able to take some courage and speak for yourself. Life is too short, and it is not fair that we are being prisoners of someone else.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jessy Barham, and congratulations on your latest release, "Bow Down." What inspires you to make such powerful music? Where does all the feeling come from?

Indie musicians like Birdy and Regina Spektor and symphonic metal artists like Within Temptation and Epica inspire me to make powerful, emotional music. I am also inspired by personal experiences. I like music that is emotional, meaningful, and powerful. I like music with a message that can speak to people. Can you share your creative process for "Bow Down?" Is there a person you are singing to?

"Bow Down" wasn’t written about anyone in particular. However, after I wrote the song, I had an experience with a creepy guy on a dating app. He wanted me to be submissive and “bow down” to him. I wasn’t about to give my power away to him, so I blocked him. I wrote Bow Down before this experience, which is ironic. I wrote it about someone who is in an abusive relationship. My friend Sarah Bareno played guitar for the song, which was cool. She’s in a punk rock band, and this was our first collaboration. What drew you to music?

I’ve loved music since I was little. My parents played with children’s CDs before I went to bed. I loved the music so much I didn’t want them to stop. I sang in the San Diego Children’s Choir when I was younger and began voice lessons in fifth grade. I’ve taken lessons at the same school, Kalabash, in La Jolla for 12 years! What I love about music is the ability to express yourself. You can express beautiful feelings but also uncomfortable feelings. I’m a quiet person, and it’s hard for me to express myself. However, I’m not shy with my music, and I’ll tell you about anything. What's next for you? I’m releasing an EP called Outsider in October/November. It will have four songs, two of which you’ve heard, Locked Door and Bow Down. The other two are "My Enemy" and "Puppet Girl."

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