Jesus Piece Talks With BuzzMusic On Latest Hit "Since I Got"

Welcome to BuzzMusic! "Since I Got" has many layers and different concepts. What’s the overall theme you were trying to achieve with this record?

My overall theme I’m trying to achieve is the sound. Too many artist have the same concept and flow with their records.I approach every single differently and try my best to raise the standards.

What do you hope your listeners take away from "Since I Got"?

I hope my listeners like the sound and flow. It’s very different from what a lot of artist try independently  and mainstream. I already have the image and the sound in head before I even get in the studio!

What sets you apart from other hip-hop artists in today’s music scene?

What sets me apart from other artist is my hustle. Traveling from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to Atlanta then my next show for PNB Rock in California. A lot of artist fake every aspect of their music and image. I’m doing shows across the country with no music video and one project with 3 singles! Most artist I’ve met that are very talented have a much lower fan base many mixtapes and videos. I’m very humble to achieve this already. 

We love the heavy beat in "Since I Got" , who produces your tracks?

I have two producers I love and trust with my music. Justin Cinco he is an independent producer in my city of Pittsburgh. He also has traveled the country and produced for major artists such as Taylor gang themselves . My other producer Dayday he’s a a young and inspiring producer making noise from Little Rock,Arkansas. He’s my producer who travels with me across the country for my shows. I trust these two very much to master every aspect of my music!

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

If had to choose one song to describe me it would be fuck it I did it because I’m really doing it. I’m really making money from my music. I’ve really got a fan base. I’m really going across the country to perform for  Multi platinum  Artist. I really get it and I’m doing all this with no clout, no video and one project. I’ve yet to meet another independent artist with the same  credentials! 

What do you hope to achieve as a hip-hop artist through the end of 2019?

I hope to achieve much larger numbers and a fan base. I hope achieve much larger shows for my performance. I want to achieve more interviews and want to be able to connect and relate on a personal level with my fans. I want accomplish my dream and take it to the moon!


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