Jev Delivers a Layered Hit, “What You Mad for”

Sometimes the best elements to a song can be found in the production, sometimes it’s in the lyrics, and sometimes it’s in the melodies, however, for the single “What You Mad For” by Jev. It was undeniably a nice fusion of all three components that made this song such a standout single.

Listening to “What You Mad For” we instantly became compelled by the layered dynamics that were presented in "What You Mad For". Jev has this old-school raw flow that reminds us of many of the rap greats from back in the day. This opens the door for authentic hip-hop lovers to indulge themselves in Jevs' music. The funky and charismatic beat to “What You Mad For” makes this single easily catered to younger listeners. You notice significant South African elements in the beat which enhances a nice connection between the listener and Jev due to him reeling us into his culture. “What You Mad For” curated a vibe that’s fit for a laidback atmosphere where you just want to chill and enjoy great music. Jev uses his music as a pathway to escape, this makes his songwriting to feel essentially rawer. “What You Mad For” had great lyricism, elemental arrangements in the beat which gave the rhythm this colorful funk perfect for a vibrant impact on the song, and a tough delivery, showing us the professionalism in Jev’s artistry.

Listen to “What You Mad For” by Jev here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jev! You’ve had a challenging journey so far. In what ways do you channel your life experiences through your music?

Music is therapeutic for me, I'm able to express myself and my emotions through my music. I'm able to write about my life story and my life experiences and in a weird way that is a form of healing to me

What would be your intentions as a hip-hop artist? How do you cultivate your own sound in a popular genre filled with many sub-genres?

My goal is to introduce Hip Hop to new stories & experiences, being from a whole different country and raised by a single mother, I feel my voice in Hip Hop is unique but still very relatable. As of right now I wouldn't say I have a specific sound, I like experimenting and seeing what I can come up with, but my "sound" would definitely fall under the Hip Hop genre

Let’s talk about your song “What You Mad For”. What was the ultimate message behind this single? Where did your inspiration for this song come from?

I love late-night rides and I wanted to write a song that captures the whole late-night experience from the vibe to the chill, laidback beats. I guess that's where the inspiration came from you know, I was just trying to catch the mood and feel of a late-night ride and besides who doesn't love late-night rides

We noticed your raw delivery that reminded us of many old school rap greats. Who are some artists you listened to and found influence from growing up?

There are so many, where do I begin?? I was listening to a lot of Lost Boyz before I recorded this track so that definitely played a major role but my main inspirations are Ms. Lauryn Hill, Nas, J Cole, Fugees, Lost Boys, Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj.

What can we expect next from you, Jev? Thank you for talking with us!

There is so much new music I'm working on, I definitely want to play more gigs and I'm releasing new merch this year, it's going to be a great year I can't wait!