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Jey Flores Expresses Her True Self in Her Recent EP Release, 'Where I'm Supposed to Be...'

Canadian Singer/Songwriter Jey Flores is here to showcase her powerful, resilient, and emotionally-affecting EP, 'Where I'm Supposed to Be...'.

Already having an elaborate start within the music scene, Jey Flores is always looking for ways to improve her sound and outlook in life. Choosing to focus on pivotal messages that can offer inspiration and relief to others, Jey Flores' music serves a great and therapeutic purpose for her listeners. With her recent release, Jey Flores is looking to only spread peace, confidence, love, and growth to listeners!

Jey Flores opens up her EP with the track "Free", and the title easily depicts the way the melody will make listeners feel.

"Free" uses electronic and pop components in order to establish the essence of its melody, which has a very open-ended feel to it. We're coursing through the realities of remaining lax in "Free", all while remaining introspective with one's own emotions. Jey Flores keeps her vocal outflow full of buoyancy, remaining spirited and dynamic with the way she goes about delivering her performance.

The following track, "Can You Handle It," ventures along with a more serious narrative, focusing on the tribulations that come along with indecisiveness and confusion. Jey Flores remains her usual upbeat self within the track, which allows the message to be delivered in a softer way.

There are components of the track that integrate dramatic lyricism, which brings about that robust performance on Jey Flores' end, and contrastingly, some moments where Jey Flores remains delicate and soft-sounding in order to put the spotlight on certain aspects of "Can You Handle It."

The energy slowly begins to dissipate with the EP's third track, "I Was Wrong," but in a very fitting manner. Jey Flores sets her sights on elaborate introspection, all while remaining true to her own perspectives regarding external influence. "I Was Wrong" serves as a powerful ballad where Jey Flores displays her determination and confidence in very adaptive ways. "I Was Wrong" explores the theme of uncertainty, truth, and patience, all while conforming to a fierce outlook.

The same goes for her following track, "I Wish You Were Well". With the fourth track, an innate EP theme can be established. "I Wish You Were Well" is a song that goes into the specifics of departing from someone's life and the pivotal emotions that result from such an experience.

Jey Flores packs a ton of emotion into each and every lyric, delivering an affectingly moving performance to listeners. Her voice annotation matches the exact mood imparted onto us as listeners, and we're ultimately left wondering with the relayed messages in the track. 

The last track of the EP serves a fundamental purpose. "Love (Like There's No Tomorrow)" is a breakthrough track on the EP, showing the necessary healing has been done, and that Jey Flores' sights are set on the future.

Ending the EP in the most fitting and positive way, Jey Flores' brings about a very cheerful and energetic essence with "Love (Like There's No Tomorrow)" and we find ourselves naturally moving along to the infectiously warm rhythm.

All in all, Jey Flores' picked the right kind of track to wrap her EP up with, and we're left with major takeaways, all while remaining uplifted with the thoughts and feelings extracted from such an EP. 

What events transpired in your own personal life that aided in the making of 'Where I'm Supposed to Be...?'

'Where I'm Supposed to Be' is a chronicle of my personal growth from traumatic, and difficult experiences in my life. I am a survivor of domestic violence, and I believe it is important to showcase strength and resilience after an experience like that - especially to those who have experienced something like that (domestic violence) as well.

Even for people who haven't, I think it's important to note that life is full of struggles, and it's how we deal with them that determines our character.

The first song on the EP "Free," is a rebirth, after the fact - I knew I needed to get out and have my freedom. Our personal journeys make us who we are, and I chose love, compassion, and courage. This record tells the story of different emotions through the growth process.

Was there a particular track within your EP that felt more affecting to you? What track do you believe served the greatest purpose on the EP?

That's a hard question! I think every song on the EP serves its purpose - "Free" is a song of acknowledgment and realization, "Can You Handle It" is an anthem for strength and self-worth, "I Was Wrong" is a song about expectations, failure, and courage, "I Wish You Well" covers acceptance, grievance, and inner peace, and finally "Love (Like There's No Tomorrow)" is a universal song about love, oneness, optimism, and hope. 

What kind of emotions and/or thought patterns ensued during the writing and recording process for "Where I'm Supposed to Be...?'

I wrote the songs the moment I felt the inspiration. Like I mentioned before, all of the songs demonstrate different emotions and thoughts. For me, self-realization and self-actualization were the most outstanding. Within that, feelings of sadness, disappointment, vulnerability, strength, courage, and happiness also ensued. My co-writer, Bobby John, and I made sure that every word was properly written, and the way I sang them was properly executed to provide the tone and feel of the songs.

As an artist who has a very impressionable voice, combined with a dynamic performance approach, how would you describe the way you intend for your listeners to interpret you as a music artist?

The way I would sing the songs mattered tremendously to me. I felt what I was trying to say. I wanted to sing as if I was speaking to someone about my feelings or thoughts at the moment, with authenticity. Hopefully, my listeners will be able to listen to the words clearly and feel everything I am seeing. I have had listeners already tell me that they could relate to the experiences or feelings I was expressing in the songs. Some have even told me it helped them get through a difficult day. This, to me, is so gratifying. I always looked at myself as someone who wants to help others, and if I can do that through my music, then that's what I want to be known for. I want people to listen to my music and have hope, faith in themselves, and the power to make their lives the best it can be.

Where do you have your sights set from here on out with your music?

I recently became a mother to an amazing 3-year-old boy named Kai (who also loves to sing and loves music). I intend to encourage him to follow those interests, and I'd love to teach him how to write, sing, and play. On my side, for my own music, I still intend to write a follow-up to this EP, whether it's a few singles, or an album when I feel the inspiration. Being a mother has taught me a lot about myself, so maybe that could be something I'd write about.

Again, going towards constant personal development and growth are things I tend to write and sing about. Right now I am living in the moment, enjoying being a mom, and putting my music out there for people to listen, and hopefully help encourage self-empowerment. I am exactly 'Where I'm Supposed to Be' right now, so we will see what happens!



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