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JFK Gets The Party Started With “Gucci Stamps"

JFK is an artist who is extremely gifted and pushes the envelopes of possibilities through distinctive musical innovation. He was born on the 29th of July 1981 in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Miami. Over the years this signature style was maneuvered into an authentic creative artistry that meshed several different approaches into one cohesive rhyming method. This ambitious journey was unequivocally halted when JFK was incarcerated in 2000 where he had to start from bare bottom tactics to market his name back on the streets upon his release in 2005. However, he found appreciation in his life past life struggles as he retrospectively claims his jail sentence cultivated his music in a more meaningful manner that provided more opportunities to hone his image with fortitude. This strong sense of optimistic resilience manifested in the creation of a top contending independent record label by the name of “Flo Runnaz” where he could truly convey creative expression with no limitations or strings attached by executives. Fast forward to 2019, JFK’s unique approach to music will set a different standard in today’s market!

JFK released his single titled “Gucci Stamps” and let’s begin talking about these catchy lyrics. The bold lyricism, showcased personality and whimsical character, while metaphorically hitting its listener with the dope bars. Get prepared to feel hyped after listening to “Gucci Stamps”, because the energetic delivery was fire. It gets you amp’d up like a red bull drink. You get in a highly exhilarated mood to just party. Gucci Stamps would be the perfect club hit. The bass hits you like a wrecking ball. It was deep, and had strong emphasis on the force. The gritty and raw vocal articulation on the rappers voice even brought more pressure onto the track! JFK knows how to get the mood going and the party started with a mosaic creation the hip-hop community will digest perfectly.

Listen to "Gucci Stamps" here and get to know more about JFK below!

Nice to meet you JFK! You shared your past incarceration experience and stated how this helped cultivate your sound a little more, in what ways was this beneficial for your artistry!?

being incarcerated help me grow to be the man i am today i learn about people's personality and situations and how to overstand a fellow human being no matter what color they are

Tell us about “Gucci Stamps”, what’s the meaning behind this record?

Gucci stamp is one out of several song that's helping me build a big momentum for the music industry.  also i get to show off my versatility as a MC plus living in a society where a lot of artist be flexing on tracks. i took the liberty of creating a track for the real go getta and hustla's thats really taking risk to be on top like me

Do you have any specific influences for “Gucci Stamps” ? what was the vision behind it!?

when my producer sent me the track i was like damn this a hot track for gucci man and boosie so i was like im about to go ham on this record and my vision was clear and to the point that this will be for all my hood lover's across the world

For you as an artist, what is the most challenging aspect of your career?

dealing with scammer's online and on the streets its a blessing to work with real professional companys like '

What can we expect from JFK in the future?

dope music that last for infinity


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