Jforte Promotes Positivity and Determination in His New Song “Make It Happen (Boom Bap)”

Born and raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona, Jforte has grown through past struggles and is here to not only spread good vibes but to promote positivity and encourage younger kids to reach their full potential.

Today, Jforte brings us his newest single, “Make It Happen (Boom Bap)”. 

“Make It Happen (Boom Bap)” begins with an intro filled by synths that are bound to have you captured from the start. This mid-tempo, hard-hitting bop is an anthem for anyone who believes in letting go of negativity.

On top of this light-hearted message incorporated into the song, we can’t help but feel the rush whenJforteraps the lyrics, “Make it happen, keep clapping and this is for the haters that were laughing”. His flow is smooth and dances over syllables effortlessly, not to mention the production that is guaranteed to have you dancing along. “Make It Happen” shines a spotlight on what this artist can do with his music and proves that Jforte is truly a force to be reckoned with. You’ll regret missing out on his newest single, “Make It Happen (Boom Bap)”.

We loved listening to “Make It Happen (Boom Bap).” Can you delve deeper into the meaning behind this song? How was this song intended to feel for your listeners?

Make It Happen, is a get-up and out of your own mind type of song. It's built on making our dreams come true and putting any doubtful ideas that hinder progression. I want my fans to know my truth, I share that I've been through tough times, that it hasn't all been easy and yet, I choose to rise again. When I heard the beat, I knew that I could make something soulful, 90's era, and just flow. Who do you draw from when it comes to musical influences? How have they shaped your artistry?

I love my old school flow cats and beats like J Dilla, Nas, Craig Mack, Tupac, Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Queen Latifah, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang, Pharcyde, Busta Rhymes, Big Pun, Immortal Technique and so many more. When you grow up inspired by these guys, you make it happen, just like they did! What is your biggest goal for your future musical endeavors? Is this being planned or put into place currently?

My vision is to inspire 6 billion + people around the world, through my music, way of life, and story. My vision is touring the world, being paid as the highest artist and entrepreneur in the world, using my gift to connect the dot ending world poverty, using my voice for policy, supporting the decease of systemic slavery and all forms and living long, healthy and sexy. Every day I get to take one step at a time to make my vision come to fruition. I'm currently living it as we speak. A lot of times I can't see what is happening but my faith is so strong and my belief in God my creator, that I trust the process.