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JiB Wins Us Over With “One More Chance”

Multifaceted Toronto artist JiB was raised in Brampton, Ontario, and found his love for music and performance at an early age. Leading him to study piano, trumpet, guitar, and dance throughout his school years, he now takes his artistry to the route of singing, songwriting, producing, and creating.

As an independent artist and producer, he combines influences from contemporary R&B/Pop with his Jamaican-Canadian roots. His greatest musical heroes include Bob Marley, Beethoven, Kanye West, Rodney Jerkins, Pharrell, Janet Jackson, and Prince.

JiB is known on social media for his comedic, uplifting content, unique visuals, dance videos, and his famous "Carrot Talk" video series. However, it's his latest sonic and visual piece for "One More Chance" that has our attention. Using his comedic charm, we get to experience the Carrot Talk creative firsthand in the visual component of this effervescent record.

The tropical essence that's emitted in the instrumentation has us simmering in the upbeat tenors from a state of mind that has our toes in the sand - that's how powerful the imagination of JiB truly is. Matching the tone in an eclectic fashion, we admire the brilliance that's poured into the playfulness before us. Utilizing a series of dance numbers that place emphasis on the movements choreographed for "One More Chance," the eye-catching music video will have you out of your seat and trying to learn the moves for yourself.

As the smooth vocal delivery glides across the instrumentation like butter, we're all for the swoon-worthy vibes that come from the euphoric and uplifting essence of "One More Chance." JiB takes us on a sonic venture that we don't want to stop as we weave in and out of the melodically powered charisma steering us deeper into the palm of JiB's hands.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, JiB, and congratulations on the release of "One More Chance." From the song to the video, you have won us over! What moment or story inspired this creative concept for the sonic potion of this release?

Thank you so much for listening and watching! “One More Chance” is a milestone for me. It’s my first music video and I’m really proud of the video and the record. The song is about all the emotions and deliberations surrounding toxic relationships. The song's opening line is “I know you’re kinda toxic, but I don’t wanna stop it” which sounds very problematic, and it is, but it’s also a normal part of our lives. I think we can all relate to having our intuition raise red flags in our head but for various reasons, we decide to stick around and give things “One More Chance." I wrote and produced the record. It's an R&B/Pop song that has an island vibe to it. Sonically, I wanted the production to feel spaced out so that the lyrics could really feel like a conversation. There’s a lot of punctuation in the production with sudden drops for dramatic effect. I wanted to keep listeners on edge, waiting for the next moment. I used the trumpets as a way to give the record strength even though it’s a very vulnerable song. It’s saddening yet empowering. It’s playful but also kind of intense.

Please take us to the vibes on the set of the "One More Chance" music video! Was this always the vision you were hoping to send to your audience? What was it like on set?

For the music video, I worked with a long-time collaborator and friend of mine, Majoire Santos. He choreographed and directed the video. I wanted to get the message across without spelling it out or telling a story explicitly on camera. Majoire had the concept of using different sets and making it a performance video. I knew it had to be dance-focussed so I asked some of my friends in the local Toronto dance scene to be a part of it. They are incredibly talented and we had so much fun on set. The vibes were amazing! The orange, pink and red sets just fit the energy of the song and I love that I got to sing into a carrot. Carrots make me happy.

We know how vital a team is to help artists achieve their goals. Who helped you achieve success around the overall release of this song?

I have three close collaborators, we call ourselves the Dream Team. These three friends have been in my life for over 10 years. We used to be in a dance crew together and I would not be doing this if I didn’t have them continually supporting me. I am so thankful for them: Michael Stoddart, videographer/photographer/social media expert/sometimes manager, Majoire Santos creative director/choreographer, and Khaila Charlton, stylist/consultant/publicist/Jacqueline of all trades. Khaila just knows how to make things happen - she’s a lifesaver.

What is the main message that you hope your audience can pick up from your music?

I want to create music/art that makes people feel good. Artists are essential. Music is so important for our mental health. I want to heal and entertain but I want to do it in a way that people haven’t seen or heard before. I want to challenge people to think differently - outside the box. I want to do the unexpected and I want to be authentically me while doing it. The message is “you can do it too!”. I want my journey to show that I’m a regular guy who’s following his passion, facing his fears, and living a fulfilled life because of that. My message is also to have fun! Life is too short to be serious all the time. Stay young. Play. Stay curious!

What's next for you?

My only goal is to evolve into the truest and most fulfilled version of me. I want to maximize my potential and help others through my creativity. I want to be great but more importantly, I want to be brave and innovative. Whether that’s on camera or on stage. I would love to continue to entertain and share my journey with the world.



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