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Jim Fite's Heart Goes "Boom Boom Boom" on Latest Single Release

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Jim Fite is bringing a rush of excitement with a new music release.

As a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Jim Fite is all about displaying his thoughts and feelings through his music and does exactly so in his latest release, titled "Boom Boom Boom". Inspired by a woman that is described as "the one for him", Jim Fite brings flavourful and honest elements to his song that make for a great narrative.

With a unique underground sound, "Boom Boom Boom" is very playful in its own way, attending to a loving narrative centered around attraction. The song focuses on the descriptive entities involved with romantic interests, notably the physiological feelings Jim Fite encounters with such interests.

Keeping the storyline in mind, "Boom Boom Boom" has a catchy melody provided by a buoyant drum beat and amplified electric guitar. The product ends up being very encouraging and fun, making "Boom Boom Boom" a lighthearted, easy classic rock song to enjoy. One of the most endearing aspects of the song is the chorus, which brings Jim Fite's perspective alive to listeners, giving them a chance to really understand his heart (in a more literal way than you might think).

Available on all platforms, "Boom Boom Boom" is one rockin' single you won't want to miss out on.

Your latest release, "Boom Boom Boom" proves to be a very intimate and personal anecdote. Can you elaborate more on the inspiration (or person) behind this song? The inspiration was pure, absolute love! That emotion is capable of overwhelming us on occasion. What's sad is this feeling is rarely sustainable. I want this song to trigger "the feeling" for my listeners.

Known for being an artist with versatile use of genre styles, how many genre elements would you say you attempted to incorporate into "Boom Boom Boom?" Genre isn't part of the equation when I write. The genre is determined after the fact. Boom Boom Boom was started with loud, forceful tom-tom's and bass drum pedals followed with a "swing" beat on the tom-toms. Then I synced the guitar with the drums. The tom-tom driving force with guitar reminds me of "roaring 20's dance."

We hear that there is a music video set to be released for "Boom Boom Boom." Can you give readers any ideas as to what they can expect from the video?

There will be explosions synched with "Boom Boom Boom." A few different models singing "baby can you feel my heart," and I'll be singing and playing guitar in a few different locations downtown Detroit.

What's next for you?

I have four more releases scheduled at 30-day intervals with "Black Evening Dress" planned to be released August 8th, and "Vengeance " was released over a month ago. At the beginning of 2022, we'll start rehearsing for a few select performances.

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