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Jimmy D. Scott Is Encouraging Listeners to Say “Enough Is Enough” With Gun Violence

Mixing his Southern roots with his Detroit-based Motown sound, Jimmy D. Scott creates extraordinary music unexampled by his musical competition.

From opening for Jackson 5 in the '70s to playing on ESPN's national stage for Monday Night Football in 2010, some of the proudest moments in his career showcase his longevity in the industry.

Jimmy D. Scott’s determination runs deep as his latest single, "Enough is Enough," spreads a crucial message about gun violence in America. As gun violence continues to be a problem in the United States with an influx of mass shootings, Jimmy D. Scott is doing his part by spreading awareness through his heartfelt croons.

Pairing the empowering sonic masterpiece with a truly eye-opening visual component, Jimmy D. Scott’s authentic persona and empathetic demeanor luster through the instants seen and heard.

Commencing with a brilliant monologue that stems from a genuine place of care, we hear him encourage his audience to speak up on the issue at hand and take a stance for the safety of all Americans.

Panning between shots of Jimmy D. Scott performing “Enough is Enough” in the studio and various new clips collected from media outlets across the United States, Jimmy D. Scott has a fascinating way of conveying this message fueled by a lively energy and the passion that runs through his veins.

Each moment we witness shows that gun violence breeds in various atmospheres – yet families and individuals everywhere are drastically affected. As Jimmy D. Scott takes the chance to uplift his listeners, you can’t help but feel the need to join him on this mission for a safer tomorrow. Through every passionate cascade shed, it’s clear where Jimmy D. Scott stands – and we’re ready to join him.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jimmy D. Scott! Congratulations on releasing your latest music video for “Enough is Enough.” You do a fascinating job at allowing us to feel your passion through the screen. What was it like filming this visual component?

Filming this video was a true labor of love.

Could you please take us into the moment you decided to create both the song and video for “Enough is Enough”? What were the thoughts going through your mind?

Because of the senseless violence happening daily around the country and the world. I asked myself, “What could I do as an artist to help this dire situation?” So I decided to write a song and produce a video that would send a message: enough is enough. In What ways can your audience do their part to help put gun violence to a halt?

Talk to your loved ones, friends, and family. Talk to everybody, talk with people you don't know. Tell them violence is not the way; tell them they don't need a weapon to solve a problem. Ask them to try love instead of hate. Being in the music industry for a vast period of time, have you ever taken a stance on other political issues that you feel strongly about?

Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s, there were rash child killings in Atlanta. So I wrote and released a song titled Be Careful. The track was distributed by Clarence (Pee Wee) Harris and the committee for student rights. In 1996 I wrote a song for Bill Clinton's reelection campaign titled Keep Bill on the Hill. The song was financed and distributed by Joe Davis and the UAW.

What's next for you?

I'm currently working on a new album project that I'm very excited about. Planning to release it in early 2023.

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