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Jimmy Swagg Doesn’t Want The Bullshit “Anymore”

Jimmy Swagg has been a force in the rock music scene, known for his theatrical performances and unapologetic message of freedom and truth. He has played in legendary clubs such as The Whisky A Go-Go, The Viper Room, and State Social House, establishing himself as an all-out passion of fire.

Swagg's music unites people with Spanish and English songs that bring exciting energy to rock. His performances have been described as artistically captivating, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. Swagg's recent success in 2022, including his first 100K music video and growing fanbase across social media, shows that he is poised to make his mark on the music industry.

Jimmy Swagg's newest release, “Anymore,” is an unapologetic anthem of independence and self-empowerment. The track showcases Swagg's ability to merge classic rock elements with modern twists, creating a unique and compelling sound.

The song starts with an ethereal synth that leads right into a mean baseline that sounds like it means business. Swagg's voice is raspy and rough, adding an edge to the lyrics, which hit you right out the gate with lines like “I don’t need your introduction, I don’t fuck with you no more, I don’t need your arm around me, I don’t need it anymore” which set up the no bullshit perimeter for miles, with a “no bullshitters welcome” sign posted at every gate” The catchy guitar work gives a touch of Wild West vibes mixed with a badass Harley Davidson coolness that builds right into the chorus which chants "anymore, no more, no more.”

The verses are delivered with conviction and intensity, with Swagg's frustration towards the person in question raw and direct. He speaks of cutting ties with someone who has betrayed him, not needing the fake shit anymore, which we all want to scream occasionally. The song's middle section sees Swagg unleashing his fury, with lyrics like "you're so selfish, yeah I said it, where were you when I needed most?" showcasing his no-holds-barred approach to songwriting.

“Anymore” is a prime example of Swagg's ability to merge rock music with theatrical elements. The song is artistically captivating, with the production elevating the track's energy and adding to its overall impact. The track's message of self-reliance and empowerment will resonate with listeners, and its catchy hook and memorable riffs will stick in their minds long after the song has ended.

Swagg's recent success, including his 100K music video, growing fanbase, and underground buzz, is well-deserved. "I Don't Need" is a testament to his talent and passion for rock music. As he sings in the chorus, "if you think that it's about you, turn around, and I'll be there," it's clear that Jimmy Swagg is here to stay.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Jimmy Swag. Big congrats and letting go of the bullshit through your latest drop, “Anymore” The mood on this one captures the emotions of moving on from a toxic relationship. Can you tell us more about what inspired you to write such a personal and vulnerable song? I wrote this song in the fall of 2020 when I felt frustrated over the state of the world, California, and Los Angeles. I was surrounded by people that weren’t truly my friends or that had my best interest in their hearts. I wanted to move and move forward, so I began to work on this song. It’s my way of cleansing myself of all that energy. I believe we all go through challenging times several times in our lives, and I always get inspired by thinking of others and how I am connected to everything and everyone.

The lyrics of "Anymore" seem to convey a sense of anger and frustration towards a former partner. Was writing this song cathartic, and did it help you process those emotions? This was inspired by several people in my life at the time. I allowed myself to feel all those emotions, creating a movie in my head. That’s usually how I write songs…I’ll feel it, envision it, and then let the music speak to me. When I sing it, it is very cathartic because the feelings are real! I hope that others can find relief in this song too.

In "Anymore," the lyrics focus on a specific toxic relationship. Do you find it challenging to write lyrics that are so personal, and how do you strike a balance between honesty and privacy in your music? I find it very easy because I follow a creed of truth in my life that I also follow as an artist and songwriter. What I write always stems from something real within me. I don’t place rules when it comes to music or art. I don’t think about privacy or any restrictions. I’ve learned to deliver my message wisely regarding my social media and personal life. For a long while, I wasn’t posting anything g too personal because I was hurt and angry, hence this song. I am so thankful that I am having fun in my music and my entire life! So yeah! I love showing my fun!

The repetition of the phrase "no more" underscores a message of moving on and letting go. How do you handle difficult endings, and did you draw on any personal experiences while writing the song? Difficult endings look very different to me now. I see those moments as beautiful opportunities to begin anew. And letting go is a BIG part of my life and what I have been practicing daily. I am learning to relax in life, to allow, to feel, and to share this message with others. I am passionate about serving others through what I do and I love sharing the lessons and wisdom I’ve gained through the pursuit of my dreams and goals. This song is very personal to me because I can see each person that I was inspired by throughout the song. I don’t kiss and tell. Your music often blends rock, metal, and other genres. Are there any musical influences or styles you'd like to incorporate into your future music? I am a rocker; that energy will always come through my music! I am working on a lot of exciting music right now that I am challenging myself on. I love thumping bass, I love funk, I love catchy melodies, and I love shredding guitars! I’m excited to bring all of these musical desires to life this year.


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