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Jingram Levitates With His, "Head in the Clouds"

From a young age, the versatile artist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Jingram has been given an overwhelming amount of artistic support from his family and friends.

Connecting with some of his favorite people in the studio, on stage, and on late-night drives with the music blasting, Jingram has a goal as an artist to create deep and meaningful relationships for himself and the people around him.

Embracing the soothing and eclectic essence of the pacifying hues radiated in Jingram’s latest single, “Head in the Clouds,” we’re immediately swept into the custom presence that he exudes through a soundscape of this caliber. We’re amazed at the elusive flow that the airy synths in the composition bring to the table.

Coinciding with colossal drum patterns that shake the sound system you tune in with, the amalgamation of these worlds creates a liberating essence of push and pull. Jingram’s brilliant timbres tell a story with the emotion that he portrays through his unearthed vocal tones.

Cascading upon the musical bed of tantalizing themes unveiled, there’s a flourishing passion that comes from the lyrical motifs disbursed in “Head in the Clouds.” With the intricately crafted words being strung together through heartfelt desire, words like ‘But I’m addicted, pushing my chips across. Cause I just need your love, Just can’t get enough,’ have us fully tapped into the themes that Jingram intends to depict.

“Head in the Clouds,” allows us to experience the sentiments of love that are intended to be picked up. In this lavish overflow of originality, Jingram conveys a deeper sense of self and vigor through the musical words he casts out.

Hello Jingram, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Head in the Clouds.” We love how you shine a light on the delicate yet prevailing themes of adoration. Was there a particular moment or story that triggered your headspace to tap into the creation of this record?

Thank you, I’m glad you love it! Yes, the particular story that triggered the inspiration for this song happened during Covid. I came home to KC from school in LA to live with my family in March 2020. In KC, I reconnected with someone I knew from High School and I fell in love. After we spent some time together over the summer, I moved back to LA in the fall to finish school at USC. I remember vividly sitting in the Southwest terminal of KCI airport feeling like I didn’t want to leave her, my family, and friends again. I went back to LA and wrote “Head in the Clouds” about that feeling of burning love/adoration that I had to shelf for the time being.

With lyrics so vulnerable and personal to you and your experiences, do you find it fairly easy to reiterate these themes in the music that you create?

These days, I don’t think these themes are easy for people to talk about. I feel like it’s tough for people to talk about love in a serious way for fear of sounding too cringy. It was easy for me to put this song out because I decided I didn’t want it just sitting on my hard drive anymore. I would rather it come out than never be heard! After my muse for this song and I broke up, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put it out anymore. But I’m glad I did.

What would you like the messaging and themes depicted in “Head in the Clouds,” to say about you and your music?

That I’m serious about love. It’s scary to feel like you are flying blind through it, and that’s okay! I’ve learned that it can be hard to love/trust people sometimes. My music and this song in particular is saying that it’s okay to adore someone blindly.

Embracing the support that has surrounded you from a young age, what has been the best takeaway from receiving something so grand? Do you find that this fuels your motivation to create?

My best takeaway is that sometimes you forget how much love/support you actually have when you have been hurt by someone close to you. Even when I felt very alone, I realized that there are people I love and trust all around me. This absolutely fuels my motivation to create. There are so many people that I want to reconnect with musically, especially in KC.

What's next for you?

I have a debut jingram EP/album coming later this year with a ton of songs I wrote throughout college on it. With shows opening back up, I’ll be playing in KC as much as I can!


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