Jkev Music Brings Another Indulgent R&B Vibe With His Recent Single, “The Weekend”

From Calgary, Alberta, Jkev Music is back on BuzzMusic releasing his latest sweet-sounding single “The Weekend”. Finding his own style within a mix of genres, Jkev Music has recently surpassed a total of 200k streams by intriguing in a broad and diverse fanbase. Not to mention that he’s also a producer, rapper, singer and classically trained on the piano and violin. Jkev Music’s latest mellow R&B track “The Weekend” brings forward introspective bars and lyricism that take us through a journey into Jkev Music’s inner monologue. While his soft vocals serenade us bringing an incredibly vast heartfelt aspect to “The Weekend”.

Opening with soft piano chords and moving into the initial R&B/Hip hop downbeat establishing the vibe of “The Weekend”, while Jkev Music’s lush vocals give us a slice of sorrow that we can all relate to and understand. Singing lyrics of routine and wanting to break loose from what’s holding us back from our deepest desires, Jkev Music begins to move from singing to thorough and effective rapping which adds layered depth to “The Weekend” and Jkev Music’s well-rounded versatility. Through down-tempo production with haunting piano chords that bring in a reflective R&B piece, Jkev Music’s “The Weekend” serves us something we can relate to during these unnerving days.

Listen to "The Weekend" here.