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JKS Releases “I Still Pull Your Hair Out My Clothes”

Joshua Kahlil Stephen better known as music artist JKS is a alternative hip hop artist who grew up in Trenton, New Jersey. His love for music grew strong at the age of just eight years olds, and he became fiercely influenced by music creators such as Hopsin, Kid Cudi, Michael Jackson, and 50 cent. As a solo artist JKS’s has released his fourth studio project called Pink early this May. Pink is described as a tragedy in paradise that talks about the complications of being in a relationship.

“I Still Pull Your Hair Out My Clothes” is an anthem for the broken hearted and longing. We can all relate to this nostalgic but painful feeling of finding an ex’s belongings in our house, or like JKS describes, finding hair in out clothes. I think this song has a layered meaning and can be interpreted depending on how the listener is feeling. I think JKS does an incredible job explaining the hurt and confusion and awkwardness of ending a relationship. He recites verses about the anger and sadness that wave through our bodies. Even the production and sound arrangements match the overall theme of the track with the intro of an unanswered call, followed by a flustered and realistic voicemail. I believe that JKS is multi-talented and extremely intelligent. He uses his struggles and pours his raw heart and soul into his lyricism. Vulnerability is a powerful tool and JKS knows how to use it to his advantage. I recommend you check out the entire project “Pink” and stay on the lookout for Joshua Kahlil Stephen.

Listen to “I Still Pull Your Hair Out My Clothes” here and get to know more about JKS below!

Hello JKS! We love your vulnerability in this new track “I Still Pull Your Hair Out My Clothes”. Can you go into more detail about the lyrics?

I wrote that song the day my girlfriend moved out at that point we were dating for about 4 years so it was really hard to accept the fact she left and one thing I always joked about was her hair being everywhere. The lyrics be basically about me just not having her around anymore but seeing her friends all over social media with her like nothing ever happened. And every morning I would have to pull her hair from a shirt which just stopped me from moving on.

What would be your dream collaboration?

I have five Idols I look up to they’re the reason I make music and it would be a dream to work with them. Hopsin,50cent, Kid Cudi Michael Jackson and Xxxtenacion unfortunately the last two aren’t with us anymore but it would have been cool to even meet the

What lyric are you more passionate about in “I Still Pull Your Hair Out My Clothes”?

I think the lyric that hits me the most in that song is “ I know I fucked up but bitch you didn’t have to leave me” I feel this way because in the song I censored out bitch like it just shows how much respect I had and still have for her I couldn’t even bring myself to disrespect her even when she brought me to my lowest

Is all of your music based on personal experience?

Yes I believe music should come from the heart it’s okay to play around sometimes but if it doesn’t have feeling behind it then I doesn’t really Matter but that’s just my opinion considering today’s music scene with me every project may be extremely different but they all come from something that happened to me and that’s just how I feel it should be 


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