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JKXO Gives a Disco Groove With a Contemporary Vibe, “Best of Me”

Looking for a funky groove with elemental components and light psychedelic production? Well, we have just the song for you! JKXO released the single titledBest Of Me”, a triple threat song that can give you energy, happiness, and a vibe all in one! The poetic lyrics about romance delivered with a staccato fused with legato delivery keeps your heart roaming free and your mind fully attentive on the song. The instrumental production was so vibrant, bold, and charismatic, completely giving you the joy you need to replenish your mood. But let’s not talk about the rhythmic drum kicks and beat that will have your body moving and grooving along to the song. “Best Of Me” is the perfect song to play at any celebration, party, or simply just a place of leisure and companionship. This trail-blazing song is radio-ready! With a significant amount of marketability, “Best Of Me” is an attractive single that will bring in the right crowd of listeners and expand the fan base that JKXO is constantly growing for himself.

Now you’re probably wondering, “Who is this sensational JKXO?”. Well let’s just say he’s a fantastic multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer who blends synth-wave pop, indie R&B, and nu-disco soul to paint a picture of love in a digital world. Sounds dope right? Well, his music is even more fascinating! And you can listen to his magical record “Best Of Me” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic JKXO! Mind refreshing our readers a bit about your background and upbringing? How did you discover your passion for music?

I've always loved music, I was 'writing songs' at age 5 before I knew what songwriting even was. I studied piano and theory at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music for a while. But all my other musical skills (guitar, production, etc) were just things I picked up over the years.

When listening to your single “Best Of Me” we noticed a huge classic disco style to it. Who are some of your inspirations?

Yeah totally a disco vibe...groups like 'Earth Wind and Fire' have always been a huge influence, and modern-day artists like Tom Misch and Mac Ayres have also been inspiring. 

What was the theme behind those poetically catchy lyrics in “Best Of Me”?

I've always liked to keep my lyrics a little abstract, this song is just about being addicted to someone. 

What are some of the challenges you may have occurred during the creative process of “Best Of Me”? Did you produce this record as well?

This song was a two-year process. I made the original version in 2017, knew there was something missing so I sat on it for a while. That time allowed for some amazing collaborations to happen...including rapper Sincerely Collins verse, and production from an ex-GOOD music producer Ryan McDermott. Also loved having producer/violinist Bad Snacks compose/perform the violin part. While my last single R!DE was self-produced and put together in 2 weeks, this one was a long-term, collective process. I love and appreciate both types of processes equally. It just depends on the song. 

As 2019 comes to an end, what’s next for you JKXO?

My 'Season 1' project drops early 2020. Season 2 will come out shortly after that. It should be an amazing year with a lot of cool stuff lined up...will announce it all soon!


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