JL The Kidd Shows a Fresh Side of His Music with Track "Not a God"

Chicago born artist JL the KidD currently resides in Norfolk, Virginia, and is bringing an eclectic sense of rap to the music scene. We gave one listen to JL the KidD, and knew he was original with his sounding. You can't deny that JL the KidD brings a sense of authenticity with his creations, especially since they're incredibly raw-sounding. The curated beat to his tracks are addictingly rousing, and we found this to be a clear topic throughout his most recent album "Monetize the Madness". JL the KidD's album portrays his inert expressions, and it's intriguing to see what he's capable of feeling, and simultaneously expressing to listeners. The track that starts of his latest album: "Not a God". 

You can really sense that over-the-top authentic styling of JL the KidD in "Not a God". The lyrical outflow is fast-paced, matching the overall tempo of this track. JL the KidD expresses his opinions about the day-to-day stuff he experiences within his life. "Not a God" represents the inherent thoughts of JL the KidD, and puts his utmost impressions and judgment on stage. JL the KidD has an undeniable aggressive personality in his tracks, and "Not a God" follows this theme all throughout. The nature of JL the KidD is fearless, intense and absolutely striking to your auditory senses. You'll get used to his styling pretty quick, and once you do, you'll come to appreciate the varying side of rap that JL the KidD exhibits.  

Give a listen to JL the KidD's "Not a God" here.