JLM Drops Flames in His Recent Release, "Nuclear (feat. Taylor Barber)"

Crashing the electronic/hip-hop scene by way of Atlanta, Georgia, the genre-defying recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter JLM brings the heat in his fourth studio single, "Nuclear (feat. Taylor Barber)."

If there's one thing to know about JLM, it's to expect the unexpected. The former rock/metal band member turned solo artist truly knows no bounds, as his music continues to defy cookie-cutter genres while always leaving his audience on their toes.

More recently, the Atlanta-based producer/singer-songwriter released his powerhouse fourth studio single, "Nuclear (feat. Tylor Barder)," which took its toll on us to say the least. As JLM's smooth and haunting vocals cascade over the intro and into the first verse, the groundbreaking stylings of Taylor Barber swoop in to make for an unforgettable listening experience.

Jumping into the single, "Nuclear (feat. Taylor Barber)," the track takes off with a pulsating kick and a hazy synth arrangement alongside a haunting piano melody and JLM's airy vocal portrayal. As the sonics begin to grow more dense and electrifying, they build into this overall feeling of anticipation that leaves us under the wing of Taylor Barber and his ferocious metal scream.

What comes alongside Taylor Barber's head-turning scream is an aggressive dubstep-like beat that scorches through our speakers like a wildfire. Accompanying these hefty sonics is JLM's dominant verse that dives into the nuclear bomb that is his evolving music career and the toll it's about to take on our music industry. As Taylor Barber lets out one last wicked belt, the track comes to a sharp close that leaves us in need of more sonic thrills like this four-minute escapade.

Find your next thrill in JLM's latest hit, "Nuclear (feat. Taylor Barber)," available on all digital streaming platforms.