JLM Has Us Hooked on, "Addicted"

From a Rock to Metal band, the now turned solo artist JLM is constantly pushing the boundaries as an alternative EDM Pop creator. While intentionally creating music that is straight out of the left-field, the Atlanta-based JLM makes music that resonates with himself. Besides; what artist do you know that was buried alive and hung upside down for a music video?

Releasing the heavy-hitting likes of his latest single, “Addicted,” JLM produces an elevated atmosphere that almost seems unattainable to reach until you’re dramatically pulled into the complexity of his virtuoso.

Through an ethereal universe that hones in on the dark tenors of the chosen instrumentation structure that he delves into, there’s pulsating energy that reigns supreme from “Addicted” as the colossal percussion patterns, and engaging synths fuse together for the ultimate soundscape. Pairing the textured dimensions with a delicate vocalization that trickles into the speakers exuding a foreboding hue, there’s a sense of comfort and mystery that simultaneously pours into the creative vessel that is JLM’s latest record.

He has a knack for continuously raising the bar within each song he intricately crafts, and when he projects lyrical motifs such as, ‘Blacked out, rebound, our love has faded (faded), self-inflicted,’ it’s rather apparent that the words he strings together have an abstract meaning beyond what you can comprehend upon first listen.

Taking the artistic versatility laced into his veins, JLM proves yet again that the method to his madness stems purely from the twisted realities that surface throughout the world. Be prepared to indulge yourself in what makes itself known as that vivacious exodus of “Addicted.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, JLM, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Addicted.” The atmosphere that you create in this song is rather addictive in itself. Was there a particular moment or story that helped to shape the themes heard?

Yeah, I have a very addictive personality, and it sometimes gets to the point of obsession. That's really what the song is about.

In your own words, what does “Addicted” mean to you? What do you think this track says about you as an artist?

Addicted, to me, means to the point where quitting is virtually impossible. Where you can't stop thinking about something. There's no off switch. I wanted to represent this song, in kind of an opposite direction of what my mind is actually going through on a day to day, which is just constantly thinking of whatever I need to do next to move forward with my life and my musical career.

How does this record compare to your previously released track “Time?"

It's definitely on different wavelengths. Time is about my greatest fear, losing someone close to me. Addicted is a more calm, collective song about struggling with something you can't quit.

What has been the best piece of advice that you have been given throughout your artistic career?

Promote your songs and don't give up. You're not going to be famous in a day, you have to keep grinding. It may take years to reach your goal, but that comes with everything in life.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

My goal is to become someone my fans can relate to. I want people to relate to my songs and myself on a personal level. I also want to be as big as possible! Haha