JNR Delivers a Soulful Country Single “Down Low”

Influenced by his regular visits to Nashville, local Brisbane singer, songwriter, and performer Paul Seils, also known as, JNR delivers yet another heartfelt Country single. Drawing inspiration from some of the greats including; Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, and Steve Earle, JNR blend his rich baritone vocals with unashamedly authentic lyrics. Performing back in 2016, every year has been marked success as JNR has performed in venues such as; Brisbane’s Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall and Tamworth’s Town Hall along with local bars, pubs, and rodeos throughout Australia. JNR is engaging for his warm tones and honest Southern Country Rock vibes. Getting the locals' attention, JNR was selected as BEMAC’s (Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre) latest artist for the EMERGE project. 

With lyrics depicting personal experiences and journeys throughout life, JNR delivers a straight-from-the-heart country song. “Down Low”. His first official original release and boy is it good! This collaboration features; Jared Porter and Nolan Wynne, together evoking both emotional and visually candid representations of down to earth life. “Down Low” is relatable, smooth, twangy and a good balance of modest living. JNR highlights his true cowboy's reality while highlighting his memorable acoustic sounds. I definitely appreciate his muse of Johnny Cash in his ability to not only sing but create a catchy story we can all enjoy. Love the selection of instruments that perfectly work to create his Southern Country style. 

Listen to “Down Low” here


Hey JNR, it's great to have you here on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us a bit about how you got into pursuing country music?

Hey BuzzMusic - Country Music has always been in my blood (even at times when I've tried to outrun or deny it). Our family had a Country band and we played at a few festivals & World Expo 88 etc. We grew up on old school Country Music - I can remember listening to the visual imagery of the music, before I could learn to speak. I can remember Country-Esque tunes from the likes of Jim Reeves to the iconic Johnny Cash live in Folsom Prison. I heard a quote once along the lines of "visual art is how we decorate our walls - music is how we decorate our lives" - I know that it has for me! 

There's a very nice catchy vibe that goes along with your song “Down Low”. What was your inspiration behind writing "Down Low"

We (myself, Jared Porter & Nolan Wynne) wanted to write an "Uptone" Country song. I like to get out of Dodge as much as possible - I have a love/hate relationship with cities at times. The conveniences are great, but the noise, traffic, costs of living, etc. can get a bit much. I like to get away to locations where your mobile phone has no coverage -  I like getting back to basics, so "Getting High on Life, on the Down Low" is the theme and mood we wanted to convey. 

We know you have such a strong country background. Do you see yourself incorporating any other genres into your music in the future?

Yes - anything is possible. We are always experimenting with drum loops and samples etc. It will always be some blend and variation of Country/Folk/Rock hybridized and trying to find our sound in stretching the boundaries with the likes of Swamp Rock and Outlaw Country etc., and hopefully future artistic collaborations etc.

What has been the toughest challenge as an artist? What advice would you give to artists that are experiencing the same challenges?

Firstly creating and then establishing a brand, then getting that brand out + the usual challenges in the business side of raising funds and working out what the best "bang for the buck" on expenditure is going to be. Advice - get started as early as possible. I'm a late starter - don't wait, rather than waiting to be better and more stable to make a start. Like having children, there never seems to be a perfect time to start - start anyway and just keep going. Find good and committed people to assist and collaborate. 

Thanks a lot for talking with us JNR. We look forward to hearing more of your great music. With 2019 coming to an end, what can we expect from you down the road? We have recorded the beds in Nashville with Australian Producer: Mike Flanders and are working towards our next Single release (the modern version of Gordon Lightfoot's number one 1974 Hit "Sundown") in February 2020. We are still writing and collaborating with other co-writers in Australia and Nashville to release further Singles to create and release a full debut album.