Joanna DeGrace Debuts Her Emotions With "Hourglass"

Wearing many hats, Joanna DeGrace is a Montreal-based nurse, wellness coach, and songwriter debuting her artistic side with the release of her single "Hourglass." Since her early days in the church choir, high school musicals, a rock band, and in most recent years, she has been singing as an alto in Carol Bernard's Montreal Gospel Choir.

Her lyrics showcase the vulnerable hues of Joanna DeGrace as she professes sweet words on the intimate subject matter. Taking such delicate tenors and lacing that in a glimmering edge that reveals an indie-pop sound custom to her, Joanna credits her influences with Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and The Civil Wars.

This sonic composition brings fueling energy to Joanna DeGrace'sDeGrace's sound as her single "Hourglass" is filled with heartfelt moments melodically conveyed. Opulent guitar riffs cast a warmth within ourselves that proves extremely comforting when taking in the profound contents delved into "Hourglass."

As Joanna DeGrace'sDeGrace's harmonies come together to create an exquisite sense of unity in the chorus, this moment comes to us as reflective. Joanna DeGrace excels at having us invested in her lyrical motifs as they touch on an existential crisis she endured 8-years-ago.

Finally gaining the courage and motivation to pursue a career as an artist, the pandemic brought this piece of clarity to Joanna DeGrace. We're glad that she took the plunge into this unique yet familiar energy she brings to the table. There'sThere's an abundance of layers to dissect as her emotion pours out and she leaves us with pieces of the real her.

Reminiscent, enchanting, and full of charisma, "Hourglass" is a track that will have you transported to the skill set of Joanna DeGrace in her most raw form. Be prepared to see more from this fresh face as Joanna DeGrace is only beginning.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Hourglass." From sitting on your musical creations for so long to gaining the courage to place them in the ears of the public, what has been the best part of this journey so far?

The best part of the journey has been getting that excitement back; you know the kind of enthusiasm when you are in your element? Collaborating with musicians who believe in my project was also lots of fun.

Why did you choose to have "Hourglass" set the tone for your artistry? What do you want this song to say about you as a creator?

This song captures, to some degree, my worldview and spiritual journey through little reflections. Living in the moment, being grateful for the now, embracing the questions and the mystery of it all. Getting to a place where I have peace with that conclusion was a rollercoaster, but this song represents my landing place.

Who helped to make "Hourglass" live out the vision you intended?

I wrote Hourglass on the piano, very stripped down, but I had a vision for the sound and instrumentation, which I delegated to my ex-husband to arrange. I was listening quite obsessively at the time to Taylor Swift's Red album, which no doubt influenced my taste, and I also wanted alot of lap steel. Eight years down the line, I connected with Richard White, who mixed and mastered 5 of my songs, and Richard Irwin, who recorded the much-needed drums, all via virtual collaborations during the height of the lockdown in MTL on my days off while being reassigned in a hot zone as a nurse.

What message would you like your music to say to your audience?

Music is a powerful medium of expression and has helped me navigate hard periods in my life. If my music can do the same for my audience, either as a means of connection, relating to the lyrics, or uplifting their mood, that is a privilege for me to facilitate.

What's next for you?

I am currently in talks with a record label, so that is exciting...

More songs are being finalized as we speak, so I'll need to decide if I want to release old material first, then hit you all up with my newer songs or intertwined... Big decisions. I'd also like to start performing with some small shows locally as well and go from there!