Jodeci Milhouse's Newest Conquest Over Urban RnB, "Glad," Erupts with Energetic Vibes

Jodeci Milhouse is on an ethereal and motivating ride to RnB notoriety as she proves she's not just a supporting act for Pharell Williams and Tory Lanez—but that we've reached a new era of Jodeci's fierce RnB character. 

Roomy and spilling with crystalline edged pianos, "Glad" hits as deep and thorough as some of the most dazzling moments in contemporary RnB, but it's executed with a passionate open-heartedness that's all Jodeci. Her resonant voice dances through a dynamic production, sounding like she's singing right into your ear, turning your insides into goo, as her reverb infused vocals melt you down. Her crisp vocal delivery ignites the song's verses with the help of a thumping 808s and fluctuating delays. This vivid rendering is like a flash into Jodeci's deepest corners of her heart—but with a rasp and fire that exudes Beyonce-style spirit. She finds freedom within her introspection as she sings, "I feel sorry, I'm so sorry for you...this easy," she remarks, " it ain't rocket science for me...I moved on." Utilizing her effortlessly compelling vocal execution, "Glad" sails on tightly slated drums, distant ghostly synths, and a low-end as bold as the Virginia Arlington native herself. But it's Jodeci's soulful, remarkable hook as she snaps, "what I look like losing over you? Looking stupid ain't never been the mood," that propels "Glad" to its apex. 

Lissten to "Glad' here.

Hey there, Jodeci! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're elated to be featuring your newest single "Glad"! Can you tell us about the writing process and how the overall concept for this song developed?

Hi BuzzMusic, thank you so much for featuring me! I love this platform and how you represent independent artists like myself! My writing process for "Glad" was much like how I create a lot of my music. The lyrics came first! I came up with the line "You ain't been shit, since 2006", which is now the first line of the song, and immediately sang it in a voice memo. It just made me laugh. From then on I knew I wanted the lyrics to be bold, powerful and unapologetic. The song really wrote itself after that! It isn't based on any one person or specific experience. I just wanted to express how empowered I was feeling and how far I've come as a woman who is ready to use her voice.   

Who has had the most significant influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this individual has had in terms of your capacity to convey emotion so powerfully? I would say both Tina Turner and Beyonce have had the most significant influence on my life musically thus far. When you hear these women sing, you can't help but to feel every word coming out of their mouths. Tina's voice, power, and conviction is unmatched! And Beyonce's melodies, harmonies, and vocal strength have always captivated me. Both of these women have molded me and helped give me the confidence I need to convey emotion so powerfully in my music.

If you could collaborate with anyone out of the current music scene, who would you choose to do it with, and why? This is so hard! My list is long. But, if I could collaborate with anyone in the current music scene I would choose Lady Gaga. She is an unapologetic powerhouse! I love what she stands for and how she uses her music and platform to empower all people. I'm also going to sneak a male artist in here and say Chris Brown as well. Everything he touches is a hit! He's so incredibly talented. And because I come from a dance background, I would love to have a music video with him hitting a couple 8 counts as well! Haha 

What are some of the things you'd like people to experience when they listen to your music? I want people to listen to my music and feel like they can do anything! I want people to feel confident and empowered. I think we spend too much time tip-toeing around the world. We're worried if we're good enough, if we're cool enough, or if people like us or not.  I've learned being concerned with those things are just a waste of time. I want to encourage people to step into themselves and to be their most authentic selves. 

Thank you so much for being here with us, Jodeci Milhouse! What are some of the next steps for you? Are you planning on releasing an EP or a full album down the line? I plan on continuing to create and push boundaries as an independent artist. Until I can tour again, I'm working on virtual shows and ways that I can stay connected with my supporters.  My newest single "Glad" is only the tip of the iceberg. I plan on releasing an EP late summer/early fall of this year. So, definitely be on the lookout for that! Again, thank you so much for having me. Platforms for independent artists like this are so important. I appreciate you all for giving my voice a platform and a space to be heard!