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Joe Berk Knows What He's Looking For In, "A Guy's Girl"

Known for his high intellect, ambition, and extreme work ethic, Joe Berk brings back the meaning to Country music. Painting expressions that shine a light upon the story of our roots and what we grew up on, he believes that lyrics are the fundamental essence in telling a meaningful story with classic Country music components such as banjos and pedal steel.

Drawing inspiration from R&B, Motown, Rock, and Hip-hop, Joe Berk has mastered the manner in which he blends elements and bends genres as he delves into traditional country songwriting to develop a unique sound with witty lyrics and catchy modern hooks.

In Joe Berk’s most recent single, “A Guy’s Girl,” he hones in on the vibrant and loveable traits that we wholeheartedly adore in the genre of Country music. Through the warm essence of acoustic chords strummed as they take us from start to finish of the mid-tempo pulses of this record, we ride the slick wave of Joe Berk’s, “A Guy’s Girl,” in an effervescent fashion.

Using his undeniable talent for bringing imagery to life through his descriptive lyrics, Joe Berk’s depiction of the girl next door has us wanting to know exactly who it is he’s hyping up in the smooth timbres that resonate heavily on our minds.

Driving the track like a four-wheeler, Joe Berk takes full control as he uses his captivating grasp to pull us into the composition at hand. Allowing us to feel the energetic vibrations that he exudes, Joe Berk knows the way to our hearts with his heavenly spirit sprinkled through a true Country's heart.

Accompanied by vivacious visuals that add in a sense of Joe Berk’s comedic side, the outdoor scenery brings the ambiance to a whole other level as we drown in the imagery he brings with his own version of, “A Guy’s Girl.” As Joe Berk continues to make his mark, be sure you're on the bandwagon before it's too late.



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