Joe Hanson Just Released His Debut Single “Young Got Old” And We Can't Get Enough of It!

Some of you may know him for his appearance on “The Voice”, while others might recognize his collaboration with famous iconic musicians, Joe Hanson has a distinguished voice that is taking country music to the next level. He was exclusively invited by California talent executives to audition for The Voice. Continuing to build on this success, Hanson's talent has put him in front of iconic and respected musicians such as; Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan.

Country music has always been a way of life for Joe Hanson. This all started with the sweet sounds at his local church in Naperville, Illinois. It was here that his love of God, drums, guitar and singing came alive. Later in his career, Joe made the decision to pursue his musical career in Nashville where he has been able to flourish and team up with chart-topping producers and writers. Joe’s mission with music is the spread and preach positive lyrics that will touch on the hearts of many. 

We recently listened to Joe Hanson's debut single “Young Got Old”. This song has a catchy chorus that makes you wish you owned a pickup truck and could blast this track on a country road. Hanson tells a nice story about reminiscing about the past and how our experiences shape us. We love the message he puts forward with instrumentals and vocals staying true to his music culture. “Young Got Old”, definitely captures the essence of what it means to be an artist with meaningful yet simple lyrics, melancholy ballads accompanied by beautiful acoustics. Hanson's harmony and energy bring depth to country music. Keep your eye out for Joe Hanson throughout 2020 as we know big things are coming! Joe Hanson is here to stay!

Listen to "Young Got Old" here.

Hi Joe and welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us, what was it like auditioning and performing on the iconic TV shows The Voice and American Idol and how has this experience changed your music career?

I very much enjoyed the audition process for both The Voice and American Idol. The staff was incredibly supportive and kind they really took care of the artists. I really enjoyed the process because It took me around the country to places I had never been before and allowed me to meet tons of amazing artists while making great memories. These experiences helped guide me along my journey in music and helped me realize that every artist has a unique gift with their artistry and that although these are great opportunities to fast track the dream of “making it” in music there’s no one way to get there. 

Touring throughout the country, what has been the most memorable city/venue for you to perform at and why?

The most memorable show I’ve ever played was this past summer in my hometown Naperville IL at Ribfest playing the main stage opening up for Brantley Gilbert and Randy Houser. This was really special because I had gone to Ribfest ever since I was a kid watching the bands play and never thought I would be one of them one day on the same stage! It was a totally full-circle moment that I got to experience with all my family and friends who packed the venue out, not to mention I also released my first single “If The World Was A Small Town” that same day so it was a truly unforgettable memory!

What was the inspiration behind the creation of “Young and Old”?

Young Got Old is a very nostalgic anthem for youth and growing up. I remember while writing it with my co-writers (Jason Duke and Travis Smith) I pulled lots of inspiration from my high school days during summer nights when my best friends and I would do everything and anything even if we were doing nothing we had the best times just being young and reckless together. I always look back on those memories fondly and wish I could relive them. I hope that when people listen to these songs it can take them back to good times they had growing up and inspire the youth to really live and enjoy the moments before they slip away because they fly by without you realizing it. 

Which artists have been the most influential in creating your sound?

I pull inspiration from a plethora of artists. I grew up listening to all kinds of music (country, Christian, pop, rock) and have really come to believe that artists shouldn’t be bound to one genre! Artists like Keith Urban and Rascall Flatts we’re definitely some early inspirations to me growing up and made me fall in love with country music originally. As an artist, my sound is always evolving and I’m constantly trying new things sonically to push myself as an artist by incorporating elements of pop and rock into the country. 

Thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic! We’re excited to see how your career continues to grow. What's next for Joe Hanson as 2019 comes to an end?

As 2019 comes to an end my team and I are getting ready to launch our next single in January along with my first music video. This will be the lead single into the upcoming EP that we’re shooting to release earlier this upcoming year. We’re also going to continue to work on putting together a tour and look for great booking opportunities to keep growing the fan base and connecting with as many people as we can.