Joe McLeod Takes Us on a Bittersweet Trip Down Memory Lane In Latest Release "Those Who Can Wait"

A soulful piano begins our journey into Joe McLeod's new release, "Those Who Can Wait."

Joe's full and serenading voice joins the keys, and immediately we are drawn into his emotive and profound voice. Beautiful, intense cascading instrumentals envelope the soundscape of "Those Who Can Wait." Pensive strings add a cinematic feel, delicate piano carries the melody along, and bleeding heart lyrics are on full display.

Joe McLeod is a down-to-earth Canadian Singer-Songwriter who blends indie-folk and pop sounds into his music and refreshing storytelling crafts vivid imagery within his lyrics.

"Those Who Can Wait" remind listeners to embrace the people and memories that lift us and give ourselves identity even when your world is crashing down, those people and memories can weather the storm. Joe's heartfelt storytelling through his lyrics paints a vivid picture of the tone on "Those Who Can Wait." Lyrics like "Her smile, her laugh, brings me right back", "Do you think about the long drives, the times we cried, all the late nights and the red wine", "Call me if you ever fall, you don't have to hold it all," reminisce of love gone but never forgotten. This afflicted yet endearing song is a must-listen.


Hi, Joe and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love your honesty and powerful instrumentals in your single "Those Who Can Wait." Can you tell us about the vision you had on this track and what you wanted your listeners to feel when they listen to it?

This song began as simply a piano and vocals but I quickly realized it felt larger and could use some more instrumentation. All of my favorite songs seem to have an atmosphere surrounding them that makes me feel something unique when listening and I think that was the goal for this song. I am hoping listeners can find something in the arrangement that speaks to them whether it be the words, the piano, or the string movements, I just hope they feel it.

What does the music community look like where you're from and how have you been able to connect with it to enhance your music?

The music community where I am from is great. The thing I love about the music scene in Toronto and the surrounding areas is that most musicians really support one another. I have been able to connect with this community by attending as many live events as possible, doing co-writing, and helping other musicians where I can. 

Your single "Those Who Can Wait" very revealing and emotional. Where do you find the inspiration to create a piece like this?

This song was born out of the evolution of a relationship, whether platonic or romantic. We all have that person that we were once very close to and over time have drifted away. To me, this song is telling that person that although we may have become distant if I am ever needed, I am just a phone call away. I think this song has the ability to take the shape of many narratives. 

Do you find that you first create lyrics or a melody for a song?

I really bounce back and forth between what comes first between lyrics and melody. For this song, it began with me messing around on a piano and just mumbling the melody which eventually transitioned into words. Every song is a little bit different, however, when I am stuck I will choose and instrument to fiddle around on and just ad-lib melody's until something feels right. 

You were recently opened up for The Rural Alberta Advantage, how was this experience for you? Now that live shows are at a halt, what are you doing to stay inspired?

I had the opportunity to open up for them at one of their sold-out tour dates in Canada's self-proclaimed "Music Capital" of Kingston, Ont. This was a really great experience as I really admire their writing and have been a fan for some time. Both the band and their team were all genuinely great folks. This was my first year being booked on any festivals and I think they would have to be some of my favorite memories of the year. It is really exciting to play and meet so many people who have never heard of my music before and then walk away with new friends. Plus, nothing can beat playing on an outdoor stage... Nothing! Although live shows are at a halt I have been keeping busy by writing, doing live stream concerts and I am in the process of building a little home studio which has been a fun project that keeps me inspired!

What's next for you throughout 2020?

My plans for 2020 like every musician in the world, have been really shaken up but my plan is to put out an EP followed by a full-length album, both of which I am working on currently. My 2019 year was a mix of high and lows from my first single coming out to my father passing away and I am really hoping to just take advantage of the time I have this year so focus on writing, putting more music out and just having as many genuine interactions with people that I can, whether that is online or in-person eventually.