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Joel Smith Enchants Us With The Release Of His Melancholic Song, “The Veil”

Singer-songwriter, Joel Smith, is a native of Los Angeles, California. The soft-voiced singer accumulates his musical influences from various genres, from Folk to Hard Rock. A family man, regularly caring for his adorable son, he utilizes his life experiences to captivate his audience with his empathetic and relatable songwriting ability.

Applying his mild-mannered demeanor and eloquent writing, Joel Smith crafted the doleful yet sanguine track “The Veil.” An exposition of comprehensive apprehension, “The Veil” tells the story of character building through trials and tribulations. Utilizing life as a teacher, Joel Smith’s words speak true to every soul and reflect on how the past creates the future.

The song falls ever so gently on the ears and uses a conciliatory approach to convey the deeply rooted message of acceptance. Joel Smith’s delicate voice works in perfect cohesion with the stacking of the instruments used in the song. The angel-like chants and surreal sensations given by “The Veil” entice the listeners to close their eyes and experience the journey, as if a movie was projected behind their eyelids. Though vague in nature, the song encourages a general questioning of every personal encounter the audience has ever had. A perfect listen at any moment of the day and for whichever mood you may be in at the present time, “The Veil” holds an undeniably high replay value.

With such a velvety voice and exquisite penmanship, Joel Smith has, in the absence of any doubt, a limitless range and peakless potential. For the reason that he is able to convey his emotions through not only his words but also his tone and song creation, we are eager to discover how far he can take his music career.

You leave us with anticipation surrounding your beginnings. Can you give us some insight on how you got started on your career as an artist?

I grew up in a family where music was always on and it brought us together, so I dreamed of writing songs and affecting people emotionally in a positive way. I picked up the guitar as a teenager, joined a band shortly thereafter, and was fortunate enough to meet a ton of incredibly talented people in and around Los Angeles. Through that networking process, I was able to write and co-write for some amazing musicians and eventually start working on some of my own material as well.

What was your inspiration for writing a song as enticing as “The Veil?”

I love the Holiday season! Halloween through New Year's is my happy place. The original idea for The Veil was to write a relaxed, melodic song dedicated to singing and dancing with your loved ones during the holidays. Hopefully, I succeeded.

How important is it for you to be emotionally vulnerable in the music that you create?

If you want to affect people emotionally with your lyrics you have to be personal and vulnerable. We can all identify with love, pain, joy, and heartbreak which is why those themes always resonate with people. You can't go wrong writing from the heart so that's what I try to do.

How much of an impact does your son have on you as a person and your songwriting?

My son is the brightest star in my sky, he inspires everything that I do. He's made me a better person, the selflessness that comes with being a parent, where you care far more about your child than you do about yourself is life-changing. It's increased my emotional awareness and certainly made me a better songwriter. Whether or not I'm a good songwriter is open for debate but I'm much better than I used to be!

What's next for you, Joel?

I'm currently finishing up a 4 song EP that was inspired by my last relationship. Things didn't end well but she's a fantastic person and I wanted to write her a letter, letting her know that I'm grateful for the time we had together. I'll be releasing that in January 2022. Outside of that, I hope to continue to grow my fanbase and get back to playing some live shows in and around Los Angeles as soon as I possibly can!

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