Joey Magic Reminisces In New Track “Nostalgia”

Joey Magic is a 22 year old musician originally from Zimbabwe but currently living in Reading, England. Joey remain “genreless” but if he had to put a name to his madness it deifnitely leans in the hip-hop/R&B direction with elements of alternative/lofi in the mix.  The talented rapper and lyricist has been releasing music for over 5 years now pulling inspiration for legends like J Dilla, Jay-Z, AZ, Wale, Kid Cudi and Travis Scott.

Joey Magic’s latest release is the alluring new track “Nostalgia”. This track features chill lofi vibes fused with expert poetry throughout. Joey Magic weaves his listeners through his notable come up. No matter what trials and tribulations Joey Magic has been through he’s still got his undeniable talent. “Nostalgia” is a track that allows listeners to have a deeper look inside Joey’s thoughts and become more self-aware of their own outlooks on the past. Joey Magic is known for his intense authenticity and “Nostalgia” paints a clear picture of that. Keeping up his constant theme of success, Joey Magic knows he’ll be a legend. His rhymes are finely-calibrated, his emotive verses spark reactions from his fans and his alluring instrumentals keep us craving more. Stay on the lookout for Joey Magic!

Listen to “Nostalgia” here and check out our exclusive interview with Joey Magic below!

Hey Joey! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started in music? How old were you?

Music was always a part of my culture especially when there was a lot of family round or any sort of celebration music brought everyone together and I liked the positive impact it had on my family as a whole but I never considered it as a career (strict African parents and all that jazz). When I came to the UK I definitely entertained my creative energies a bit more and I was around 14/15 when I actually started writing my own raps and showing my friends. I also remember my brother making me memorise popular rappers  rap verses when I was a lot younger so we could have fun singing along whilst watching MTV. 

What do you do to feed your passion for music daily?

My passion for music comes naturally. I always seek to enhance my musical knowledge by listening to a variety of music genres and watching documentaries of artists and the impact they have had on the industry. I’m constantly seeking to diversify my own music by learning new literary techniques and even at times reading poetry to see how to create an engaging narrative.

What does “Nostalgia” mean to you? How do you want your listeners to feel when they hear it?

Haha Nostalgia funnily enough makes me feel ‘nostalgic’ and I hope it has a similar effect on my listeners. I want them to be able to hear each bar and create scenes in their own head on how the video to this song would look. It’s a very chilled out song so I hope it has a very calming effect. 

How does this track “Nostalgia” compare to one of your earliest tracks? How have you improved/evolved as an artist?

My lyricism, ability to stay on beat and the way I project my voice has definitely improved. Before, sometimes I lacked clarity and some of my bars seemed rushed and it could definitely be heard. I took time out to hone in my skills and I definitely feel I’ve levelled up super saiyan style.

If you could collaborate with any artist, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

Anyone who knows me knows that I would without doubt definitely collaborate with J Dilla. Production wise the man was so upper echelon it was unbelievable and the sounds he was able to create with the MPC was beyond astounding. He also had vocals on a few tracks too which just showed how wide his skill range was. Created very timeless music and I would be so honoured to create a track with him.

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