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Joey Supratta Shares His "Note to Self," and We Suggest You Listen In

Italian/American hip-hop artist Joey Supratta has just released a brand new single, and it came at the perfect time, as we were desperately in need of some fresh, uplifting advice.

Joey Supratta, the founder of Supratta Records, resides in Los Angeles, California, where he lives everyday life in search of inspiration for his music. Already having performed at well-known venues, such as Viper Room and The Roxy Theatre, Joey Supratta isn't planning on slowing down any time soon when it comes to the advancement of his music.

"Note to Self" is the latest release from Joey Supratta, and the song features a quick-paced delivery, so make sure you pay attention to every line that's being delivered. Joey Supratta takes "Note to Self" to reveal his truth in a meaningful way.

First, the song underlines hardships and battles one can undergo but stimulates deeper thought once Joey Supratta expresses pivotal pieces of advice one can apply to everyday life. There's a ton of inspiration one can extract from "Note to Self," as it's really Joey Supratta's personal hype-up song. He emulates nothing but positive energy and takes the time to see the opportunity within obstacles.

Overall, "Note to Self" had many refreshing components embedded in it, with the most memorable one being the narrative Joey Supratta crafted himself. You can find Joey Supratta's honest, exclusive single on major streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Joey Supratta, and congratulations on the successful release of "Note to Self." What was the primary reason for constructing this song?

Thank you, I appreciate it! "Note to Self" was my first release of 2021 and after a long previous year of ups, downs, and uncertainties I wanted to make a song to help people get through whatever they were going through. It's a direct response to my release "Suicide Note", which came out in December 2020. As you can tell by the title, "Suicide Note" was more of the giving up aspect and giving in to the hard times while "Note to Self' is the exact opposite. If you take the words from the hook, "I know it's hard to tell but there's light inside of hell. Note to Self you'll be fine. I know you will" you'll understand the whole premise of the record. It was produced by Raad Soudani, (bassist for Volumes) and features the very talented and dope artist, Demrick. With this song, I hope to connect to any listener and let them know they can overcome anything. If there was only one piece of advice every listener took away from "Note to Self," which would you hope it would be?

Never give up and keep being YOU. In today's world, social media controls everything and it's easy to get lost in it all. We're constantly comparing ourselves to others and striving to be like what we see on a computer screen. Taking the lyrics into consideration, "Pray we see the follows when we open phones and though we come from broken homes it's nice to have a life that we can call our own" it just shows how eager we are to be accepted and noticed but people tend to forget to be appreciative of their own lives first. "Note to Self" touches on not wanting to seem weak and taking all negativity in without letting anyone know you're hurting. I want listeners to know we all go through trials and tribulations and as long as you keep pushing nothing can stop you. Did your initial creative vision for "Note to Self' remain the same throughout the creative process?

When I write music I try not to force a direction too much but when I heard the beat from Raad I knew where I wanted to take it. It had a feeling of "overcoming" to it. Featuring an artist on the record was something I knew I had wanted from the jump as well. I sent the instrumental off to Demrick with my verse reference and told him the theme is getting through anything. What he came back with was exactly what I had pictured. Can you tell our readers more about Supratta Records and the major goal for your company?

Supratta Records is an independent team/label based in Los Angeles, CA. We currently have 5 artists on our main roster including myself. Shout out to Hollow Brooks Artist/Producer/Season 7 Cast Member of TLC's 90 Day Fiance), Ttereve (Artist/Producer), Insomnia Krew (Artist/Producer), and Benjamin Stein (Artist/Producer). I've also just added a sub-label with its first member, Grzly (Artist). Over the years we've grown together, became better artists and individuals, performed all over Hollywood and Los Angeles, and have made some great music along the way. Our goal is to keep doing what we're doing. To reach millions of listeners worldwide and show them you can do anything you want without major help. You can learn more and hear all of our teams' music at

What's next for you?

More content. My goal is to better myself with each song, video, and idea that I put out there. I am currently working on a new team project as well as a new solo project. Both are planned to be ready for distribution within these next few months. Creativity is just a part of my life and that's something I'll never give up on.

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