Joffery Hollsworth Draws His Artistry and Creativity From Many Musical Genres

Joffery Hollsworth has had the instinct to perform through dance and song ever since he was a young child. He fondly remembers performing every cataloged Disney number on the living room stage of his Nana's house. His passion for the arts only intensified as he matured, writing poetry and lyrics at 12 years old, but it took time to build enough courage to release his thought-inspiring musical creations. With encouragement from his friends and partner, Joffery Hollsworth finally started releasing his music to the public in 2017.

Drawing creativity from many musical genres, Joffery Hollsworth pulls inspiration from the Gorillaz, Missy Elliot, and Mariah Carey, who have all crafted unique and thought-inspiring lyrics. It is with that same intensity to detail we see Joffery place on his lyrical creations. On his latest release, "Time to Face," Joffery expertly relates predators in a jungle waiting to pounce, to obstacles everyone faces in life when they are trying to propel themselves forward. Joffery's descriptive imagery, combined with his infectious instrumental composition, keeps the listeners enthralled in his music. Learn more about Joffery Hollsworth and discover "Time to Face" today.

Listen to "Time to Face" here. #BUZZMUSIC