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John Hall’s Precious Memories Take Him Anywhere He Wants To Go In “I Think Of You”

John Hall is a true Renaissance man. As talented as he is, versatile and compassionate, he has spent time as a musician, songwriter, politician, and activist, managing to excel in all of these roles and leaving an indelible mark on American culture while he did so.

Whether penning timeless classics like "Dance With Me" and "Still The One" as the principal force behind pop R&B band Orleans or authoring bills to help injured veterans as a Congressman, Hall has always approached his work with a sense of profound passion and purpose.

Having written songs for artists like the illustrious and legendary Janis Joplin, James Taylor, and Bonnie Raitt (among others), Hall has stood toe to toe and collaborated with titans of the industry to create timeless pieces music.

As a Democratic congressman in a deeply Republican district, he convinced his constituents to seriously take habitat destruction and our emperiled climate. If you're wondering what the common theme here is, it's pretty simple; compassion. With everything he does, Hall has always been motivated by the same thing; love of music, the planet, and a sense of empathy for his fellow man.

With his latest release, "I Think of You," Hall proves that musically, he's picking up right where he left off. The song is a beautiful and finely-crafted ode to the eternal resilience of true love, with a rich guitar sound and an undeniably danceable and romantic beat.

With lyrics like "Though the oceans far away / I can hear it anyway / All I have to do is think of you," Hall's nostalgic, tender vocals simply tug at your heartstrings and keep you at ease. The accompanying visuals are just as calming; Hall strums on his guitar, singing as he moves from stage to beach to wherever his memories take him. "I Think of You" is more than just a great song; It's a testament to the power of music to inspire and connect people.

If you're looking for something beautiful and meaningful, look no further than "I Think of You" by John Hall. Whenever you're ready for a good old-fashioned dose of romance, tap in and stream "I Think of You," available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, John Hall! We loved “Think of You”; it was so romantic and nostalgic in all the right ways! We have to ask, what was the inspiration behind “Think of You?"

I’ve spent some time with my sweetie sailing, on a beach, and in the mountains. I tried to capture that feeling with a song influenced by Roy Orbison, the Byrds, and the Beatles. The jangly 12-string sound comes from those bands. I didn’t have a 12, so I imitated it with two tracks of Stratocaster.

So you’ve been away from the world of music for a while; what made you decide to step back in?

I never stopped thinking of music and writing songs. This is the first track on my album Reclaiming My Time, referencing Congress and the musical work I might have done during ten years in elective office.

What is your favorite music-related memory?

Singing “Teach Your Children” with CSN with my 6-week-old daughter on my chest in a snuggli.

If you had to give one piece of advice to budding musicians, what would it be?

Young musicians ask me, “Should I quit work or school and do music full-time?” I say, “If you have to ask me, don’t do it. If you’re driven to do it, go for it if it’s all you want to do.”

What is your goal for your music, and what’s next for you? Can we expect to hear more new music soon?

I want to make music that makes people happy and/or thoughtful, portraying life's good and challenging aspects. I am working on an EP of new songs for a release later this year.


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