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John Lensing Expresses Boundless Desire Within His Single, "Talk To Me"

The flourishing Singer/Songwriter John Lensing opens communication lines on his recent single, "Talk To Me." A song of resilience and moving forward, John Lensing reminds listeners of patience with a message preaching good things take time. Writing lyrics of quiet confidence, John Lensing creates music with topics surrounding mental health while allowing the listener to experience this reserved yet assured approach. 

Within his latest single "Talk To Me," Lensing brings soft and sweet instrumentals through a blend of folk and acoustic pop. He pours his heart out within this beautiful and vulnerable piece, while his naturally warm vocals describe an unfortunate distance that leaves behind a feeling of emptiness. "Talk To Me" begins with John Lensing's sweet vocals begging for communication and clarity within a relationship. Accompanied by mellow acoustic guitar, the surrounding instrumentals gradually build to be this heartfelt and heavily passionate aspect. Not to mention John Lensing's playful delivery, he adds this irresistible groove bringing vast authenticity to his sound. 

Providing listeners with a heartfelt storyline through his deep and reflective lyrics, Lensing does an impeccable job of portraying those longing emotions we all feel. The outro brings this vast sensation of bliss, closing the piece off with desire and hope.

While continuing to spill vulnerable lyricism, Lensing delivers this safe space on "Talk To Me" and allows listeners to remember that patience is a must needed virtue. 

Hello John, thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. We love the passion and desire you've delivered within your relatable single, "Talk To Me." How did you write your lyrics to be so compelling, heartfelt, and also relatable?

I think a lot of my lyrics come from confronting myself. There’s a lot we’re scared to say, to others, and even ourselves. I really want to push through that discomfort. Whether you're talking with a friend or writing a song, there's a lot of truth you can find in the moments you manage to do that.

Did you produce "Talk To Me" yourself? How did you arrange the instrumentals to reflect the same theme as your lyrics, and give off this serene and celestial atmosphere?  

I worked with producers William Smith IV and Phillip Yancey to create this one. They helped bring so many creative ideas to the song. We wanted it to feel intimate but still take you somewhere that an acoustic song couldn’t on its own. So many parts of the song came from just playing around with samples and seeing what pulls you closer towards the lyrics. 

"Talk To Me" is an incredibly vulnerable piece, especially regarding your lyricism. Is it easy for you to open up within your lyrics? What does vulnerability mean to you?

Some days it’s a lot easier than others. It takes a lot of words, and a lot of songs to actually get yourself to open up. I wish it came easier, but it's absolutely worth all the time it takes to sing something I mean. I always like to give songs some time to breathe and see if they still have weight when I come back to them. For me, vulnerability means sharing yourself with others. Ugly parts, beautiful parts, all of it. It doesn’t even always have to be heavy; there’s plenty of comedians who are incredibly vulnerable.

We've heard that you write lyrics of 'quiet confidence.' Could you explain what you mean by this? 

I think the idea comes from finding my own confidence. Confidence that has room for being thoughtful and gentle. I was always a bit quiet growing up, and I spent a chunk of my life hoping to change that. I think a lot of people are pressured into being one dimensional in different ways. Real confidence didn’t really come until I finally started to accept all the parts of myself. 

What has been your biggest inspiration while creating new this year?  

My biggest inspirations this year have been social activists. It’s incredibly hard to change the world, let alone still remain optimistic, and make enough money to pay the bills. It’s amazing to find people (online and offline) who have been doing this work for years. It helps remind me of all the ways you can build a life and help others along the way.





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