John Moore and Missing Star Release “Those Lies”

Experienced songwriter John Moore along with partner Missing Star is a new musical project to watch out for as they’re sliding in hard and reaching for the stars with their unique music. John Moore was a songwriter and frontman for the Western New York band “53 Days” where he wrote the song “Shelter Me” for the soundtrack album to the movie “Lonestar State Of Mind”. Many of his songs have also been heard through MTV, CBS, and E!

“Those Lies” is a 70’s/ 80’s R&B Pop throwback with a splash of modern rock that pokes at many themes and genres which everyone can relate to and enjoy. Impressive high to low pitch vocals are heard nice and smoothly throughout this song and it throws you into a feel-good happy-vibe that makes you want to sing along. “Those Lies” portrays an overall theme and message of wanting to run away from lies, however with the world we live in, we all know that's not possible. The lyrics “I know you want to run away but you can’t run away from all those little lies” is a truthful and well-said message which we should keep glued in our heads. We really enjoyed listening to “Those Lies” and can't wait to hear more from these guys!

Listen to "Those Lies" here.