Johnny Crown Shows True Artistry And Appreciation With “I.V.Y.P.A.R.K.”

Based in Los Angeles, the talented Johnny Crown is making savory beats to excel in this game. Armed with lyricism you just need to hear and an irresistible blend of dope beats and powerful hooks, Johnny Crown combines vintage hip-hop soul, poetic lyrics, & a message. Crown has just released 3 music videos for  “I.V.Y P.A.R.K”, “On My Mama” and “Breadwinners”, directed by Ivan Palacio. All 3 tracks are off of his afro-beat LP “Coolest Prince in the Jungle”, which was released in 2018.

“I.V.Y.P.A.R.K.” is a dope release from powerhouse artist Johnny Crown. The song’s inherently loving nature is outright the main takeaway from the experience. “I.V.Y.P.A.R.K.” is a notably colorful and upbeat ambiance. The melody is simple enough to be memorable and likable among a broader audience, yet it’s not overly familiar or reminiscent of anything else currently. Walking that line is crucial, maintaining originality whilst appealing to a contemporary audience with comforting flickers of recognizability. Johnny Crown does it well, and both the producer and the artist seem to be on the same wavelength with this release, which helps it create the perfect mood as well as connect on a deeper and more lasting level. The simple appreciation of a song like this, lyrically and in the general vibe it presents within the room, is something that can always find a place within music. Johnny Crown’s openness and honesty, as well as his wholesomeness in this particular case, all leads you to form a positive and respectful opinion of him as a creator. Hopefully there’s plenty more music to come

I V Y P A R K, I value your Power, I value your Awe, I value your Royalty, I value Your kingdom, I V Y P A R K

Listen to “I.V.Y.P.A.R.K.” here and keep scrolling to read more with Johnny Crown

Hi Johnny Crown! In your own words, what’s the concept behind “I.V.Y.P.A.R.K.”, and why did you decide to create a song around that?

The concept behind The song is Giving the black woman her power back . I feel that a lot of other rappers have degraded the black woman by calling her so many deragatory names which she is not . My mother is black and she raised me right and That is the lense I see through. The caring the nurturing the creator . IVY trees are symbols of Mother Nature and so I wanted to combine the 2 to personify the powerful love that they forever have in our lives. I really don’t feel artists do this at all so I really wanted to make sure I honor them .

What do you hope people take away from this release?

I hope that people start to embrace and respect and verbalize love to not just black women , but everyone around them because the overall vibe of the song is to generate love and reverence for everyone and everywhere. 

Who or what would you say inspires or influences you the most musically?

Musically I will say My inspiration are Fela Kuti , Bob Marley ,Marvin Gaye ,Sade, Michael Jackson ,Prince,2pac,Jayz ,Beyoncé . I am also inspired by various movements and Eras. I feel that every artist should do the justice of telling the story of their era and not just blindly write and perform selfishly . These artists I mentioned tackled that effortlessly.

What are your main aspirations as an artist right now?

I will love to tour nationwide and internationally and also to make a couple of movies that I have wrote .

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

A lot of people don’t know that even tho I was born in Brooklyn I have lived in many places for months at a time around the world from London to India to Japan to Egypt and Nigeria . I really feel that traveling is something everybody should try to do in there lifetimes . Seeing the world and the people and embracing different cultures will change your life for the better forever! 

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