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Join Alyssa Ruffin In Her Latest Release, “Party Down a Dirt Road”

From Iowa to Prattville, Alabama, singer-songwriter and genre-bending country artist Alyssa Ruffin invites us to "Party Down a Dirt Road" with her latest single.

Alyssa Ruffin was born in Mason City, Iowa, and later moved to Denver, Colorado. Currently, she's based out of Prattville, Alabama, and works on music in Nashville, Tennessee. Having opened for countless high-profile groups in front of thousands of people, Alyssa Ruffin is truly no stranger to the stage.

She showcases her immense talent and performing abilities through thrilling singles like her latest, "Party Down a Dirt Road." The single prepares us for Ruffin's debut EP, which will be released later this year. Until then, we're tying up our messy buns and heading out to a "Party Down a Dirt Road."

Hitting play on the buzzy new single, the song opens with a scorching hot country instrumental that sets the exciting and energetic tone. It's an incredibly well-rounded instrumental that leaps through our speakers alongside Alyssa Ruffin's spunky and vibrant vocals. She continues serenading us with vast energy while encouraging us to grab the whiskey and solo cups and head down to the banger down the dirt road.

Alyssa Ruffin has no problem setting a scene for listeners to imagine; her descriptive lyrics and playful attitude truly reflect those lively moments at a "Party Down a Dirt Road." It's clear that Alyssa Ruffin also doesn't mind playing in the mud, inviting us to join the ride and spark a fire full of memories, drinks, and good times.

Sink into the enthralling and engaging atmosphere of Alyssa Ruffin's latest single, "Party Down a Dirt Road," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, AlyssaRuffin. We love the party-like feel and energy within your new single, "Party Down a Dirt Road." What inspired you to create such an exciting song about carefree summer jams?

Thank you so much for having me! "Party Down A Dirt Road" is here just in time for Summer! Growing up in a small town, there wasn't much to do. So, we would get creative! We used to drive down dirt roads, find abandoned homes and empty fields, anywhere we couldn't be spotted, and we'd throw bonfire kegger parties. We would spend a week scouting the perfect location. Somebody would bring jungle juice, somebody would bring Moonshine, others brought cases and kegs of Busch Light. We had so much fun. We'd have some drinks, blast music, and take turns doing keg stands. Most of us girls loved to dance, so I choreographed a line dance to this song. We were young, we were fun, and we were fearless! We threw the best parties and had the best times!

What was your songwriting process like for "Party Down a Dirt Road?" Was it easy for you to set such vivid and feel-good scenes with your words?

It was a moment for me to relive one of my favorite past times. I had so much fun reminiscing about those days. I wanted the listener to visualize and experience the moment exactly like I remembered it. It all came together very quickly! It was so easy to capture those memories and translate them into a song!

Did you work alongside any musicians or producers when creating "Party Down a Dirt Road?" What was that experience like?

The music to "Party Down a Dirt Road" was produced by multi-award-winning Music Producer Dave Tough in Nashville, Tennessee. I wrote my vocal melody and lyrics in 2019 while I was living in California. The pandemic put everything on hold, so I finally got into the studio in March 2022. My vocal tracks were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fletcher Robinson at Evergreen Records in Evergreen, Alabama.

Will "Party Down a Dirt Road" be featured on your upcoming debut EP? What concept or theme do you plan to bring forward with the new project?

Yes, "Party Down a Dirt Road" will be featured on my EP later this year! I don't have a specific concept or theme for my EP. However, my full-length album coming in 2023 will have more of a concept to it, and it will tie all of my songs together. I can tell you that I write each of my songs from my personal life experiences. That's all I can share at this time. I can't give away too much information!

What's next for you?

I have three music videos in the works, one for "Party Down a Dirt Road" and the others for a couple of my other tracks. I am also working on an upcoming single, "Can't Cry Anymore," with multi Billboard award-winning Producer and Composer Kitt Wakeley. Additionally, I'm working with award-winning Music Producer Scott Wilson of platinum-selling Rock band Saving Abel on my upcoming singles "Enough" (nominated for the 2022 JMA Songwriter Achievement Award), and "Where I Need You Now". Both tracks feature Kent Slusher (Luke Bryan) on drums, Scott Wilson (Saving Abel) on bass, guitar, and vocals, and Nashville Pro-Steve Hinson (Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Kenny Chesney) on steel guitar, banjo, and mandolin. Furthermore, I am nominated in five categories at the Josie Music Awards; Artist of the Year, Rising Star of the Year, Single of the Year (Party Down a Dirt Road), Songwriter Achievement (Enough), and Stage Fashion Trailblazer. The 8th Annual Josie Music Awards. are being held at the legendary Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee. Lastly, I am nominated in four categories at the Fair Play Country Music - Red Carpet Awards Show in Holland; Best Song of the Year, Country Voice of the Year, Pop Original Female, and Modern Country Original Female. My brand new single "Party Down a Dirt Road" is available now on all music streaming platforms worldwide, and my debut EP is set to release later this year! For more information, merch, or to find my music, visit:


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