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Join Idledaze in a Search for "The Way Out"

Born and raised in Rock County, WI, USA, Idledaze is a vocalist, composer, videographer, audio engineer, and multi-instrumentalist who performs in the Colorado band Safe Under the Tree.

Idledaze grew up in the 90s listening and reading about Beck, NIN, Dave Grohl, and Moby, the do-it-yourself musicians that have established quite a name for themselves.

Taking creativity to the next level, Idledaze produces, performs, films, and edits original visuals to complement the sounds that will resonate through each listener's soul, one note at a time.

Fixating our attention to the captivating essence of Idledaze's recent sonic and visual collaboration, we take our gaze to the fresh sounds of "The Way Out." His vocalization's inviting presence sits amiably in our embrace as we welcome this masterpiece with open arms.

Opulent reverberations embody a soothing to the core quintessence as we find ourselves wandering through the mesmerizing guitar riffs that extend beyond a few chords being strummed; they're the invigorated foundation in which Idledaze sprinkles his undeniable flair upon.

Paired with a cinematic constituent that has us lustrous with curiosity, we transition between close-ups of Idledaze singing with conviction to the guitar's sounds being twanged as the music progresses. In between the thick of it all, we get to experience the outdoors as we pan through various clips depicting alfresco imagery through adventures encountered during the day and night.

The lyrics that paint a landscape of imagery are extremely well written through a seamless concoction of direct and abstract wording, ushering us into the creative realm that Idledaze resides. Keeping us grounded as he leaks his realistic veracity into the composition, we submit ourselves to the hands of Idledaze as he continues to profess a reality he encourages others to discover.

Listen to "The way out" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Idledaze, and congratulations on the upcoming release of, “The Way Out.” We love the passion that is behind this body of work. Could you please tell us what moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

The story that inspired the creation of the song "The Way Out" isn’t just one story but a combination. The intro lyrics state “If I find the way out, I’d surely find a way to help you out.” Throughout my artistic and personal struggles, exceptional people have contributed to sustaining my creative progress. As I explore new ideas and relationships it is important to not get stuck in an idle loop, mentally or physically. This song reflects on the balance of past commitments, present doubt, and future direction. The Way Out is my meditative "thank you" to those who have inspired me, and it signifies a reminder that Karma comes full circle.

The concept for the music video is so unique and intriguing. What was it like filming and editing the music video? Could you please take us into the experience that you faced when bringing the visuals to life?

Many of my music video ideas come sporadically to me, during the recording process. "The way out" was no different. Over the years I had been thinking about a video concept with bales of hay, but I wasn’t sure how to interact with them or even which song to use. One afternoon in mid-December, while I was finalizing the masters on Telomeres, a heavy snowstorm blanketed the area. I had been mixing levels on the album all morning and I needed a break. The cold weather and isolated conditions inspired me to take action and get visual. I loaded my truck up with cameras and went searching for a suitable location. Recording music videos are always an adventure and they can be very physical. For instance, jumping up and down off 5-foot bales of hay all day was fun but taxing. The next day my body was sore, but it was worth it because I got the video footage! A few weeks later I was again motivated to record but this time during an evening snowstorm. I envisioned navigating through a maze of dark dense woods with a dim light. I grabbed my camera, soaked a stick in some gas, lit a torch, and hiked through the woods recording everything. I knew the recordings would giving me nice transitional material to keep the story moving. That storm ended up lasting all night, so we lit off some fireworks and recorded them in celebration of the upcoming new year. Those firework recordings gave a dramatic visual release transition from the looping hay bale jump scene to the guitar solo. None of it was planned. After editing the winter scenes and recording the indoor studio shots I felt something was missing. The video needed some contrast and an interesting final scene. I am always recording random videos when I travel so I thought back on earlier that year when I recorded some California coastal footage. I searched my video archive and found the final pieces needed to juxtapose a frozen cloudy dark tundra to a warm vast sunny beach. On that same west coast trip, I randomly captured an unusual fogy sunset scene in the hills of Petaluma. That mysterious fog recording worked well to give The Way Out its ambiguous ending. The best part is that I have all the extra entertaining video footage showing what it took to create this video. Fans can subscribe to my website for an in-depth exclusive look at the process.

Was there anyone else assisting you in achieving the desired sound that we hear in “The Way Out?" Did you always know the direction the song and video would head?

Originally the song was only an acoustic guitar and vocals but the more I worked with it the more I felt it needed a full band presence. The solo acoustic intro worked well and the full band hook on the second verse helps pull in the listener. No one suggested the desired sound, I experimented until it just felt right. I chose this track to feature on this album because people told me they enjoyed the song. I had no intention to shoot a video for The Way Out. The process was a wonderful combination of inspiration, dedication, and timing.

In terms of the message behind “The Way Out,” what are you hoping your fan base takes away from this release?

Preserve relationships and experiences by expanding and merging them throughout time. Don’t give up on yourself or others. Together we will find the way out.

What's next for you?

I am always writing and recording new material. Currently, I am collaborating on new material with musicians for different states and we are live streaming performances regularly. A schedule and links are available at Stay tuned in for a whole new batch of audio-video entertainment.



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