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Join Mute Sounds In "Remembering The Old Days"

Five-member music band Mute Sounds are one post-alt/rock ensemble to keep a steady ear on. The band brings vibrancy and slight modernity to the table with each release they construct, which wasn't any different for their latest debut, "Remembering The Old Days."

During their exclusive BuzzMusic interview, Mute Sounds shared that their songwriting ultimately reflects their emotional and mental states. For "Remembering The Old Days," themes of rebellion are manifested throughout the track. They hone into the "less is more" ideology, which means they make sure every word relayed in their songs carries a real impact. "Remembering The Old Days" succeeded this beautifully, showing that the band has what it takes to grow a unique sound, one that can stick around for many years to come.

Today, Mute Sounds are putting their efforts into a third album release. Starting recordings next month, Mute Sounds plan to have the album ready for their impassioned listeners for the first trimester of 2022. The only hint they're willing to give: the album will be full of vivid diversity. So take what you want from that, and for now, revel in "Remembering The Old Days" with Mute Sounds.

Read the full BuzzMusic x Mute Sounds article here.


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