Join the Alt-Rock and Nostalgia Movement on Hologram Empire's Latest Release "Longboard"

Los Angeles sextet Hologram Empire started out as a band who liked to set up parties, chill-out with good friends and meet new friends along the way down their distinctive Alternative-Rock amalgamating career path. 

With "Long Board," their first proper alt-rock single since the Spirit Animal Compilations of 2019, they fashion a more fruitful and imaginative sonic dance amongst their synergistic characters. Their bewildering, alt-post-punk approach samples freely but meticulously among an immense and long alternative-rock catalog, stimulant-blasting choruses of the 90s, and more contemporary aesthetics that can't be described without sounding cliché or dogmatic.

This is a song with an anthemic, brash colored psych-rock "ooos" and "aahs," scintillating guitar riffs, with bombastic pounding drums, from the minds of party enthusiasts, Mandrew, his brother Dave behind the kit, Thomas supporting on bass, Wes on lead guitar, Andrew with the rhythm guitar, and Lauren's incandescent voice, who together, compose a tightly-knit manifestation of 90s nostalgic alternative rock from a local mom-and-pop record store's worth of musical influences on "Long Board."

Delivering hot-blooded sonics over a well-saturated bass-line with a crunchy trove of booming drums not far behind, Hologram Empire's "Long Board" traverses effortlessly between a verse that sounds half-distorted and half-inebriated, in the way Kurt Cobain took to singing over Nirvana's best, and an anthemic chorus that inserts Lauren's cherubic harmonies in tandem with a The Strokes reminiscent guitar tone, for the purpose of ringing nostalgia-inductive murmurs straight into your heart, coupling together to create an experience that pulls you out of the present, and slams you back down to reality with an ample shot of audible dopamine by the time the opening verse and head chorus transpire.

By the time they reach the apex of their explosive and climactic uproar, it's almost impossible not to feel like getting up from your chair for a well-prompted mosh around the house, fueled by the invigorating energy behind Hologram Empire's latest single "Long Board." 

What were the inspirations behind Longboard's aesthetics, the dynamics from verse to chorus, and the over-all emotion it urges its listeners to feel?

We have been wanting to make an LA song for a while now. The emotion behind it is taking a road trip with your friends to LA to ride around and explore your longboards. Adventure emotions!

Can you tell us more about some of the emotions you found yourselves tuning into for the performances you captured on Longboard?

We have not gotten a chance to perform longboard live yet, but we know it’s going to be a party!

Where did Long Board first find its inception? Was it over a collaborative songwriting session, the tail-end, and final offerings of a previously unfinished project or a simple resounding melody on a DAW?

Longboard has been the most collaborative song we have created so far. It has a little bit of everyone’s style in that song. We started working on a bass line Thomas made and it grew from there. 

What are some of the Milestones you've set out for yourselves as a band this year? And what are some of the sets you've taken thus far as a band to reach those ambitions?

Our main goal is to get back to playing shows consistently again, but until that happens we are working on our live stream game at our studio. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

We draw inspiration from other artists; Deftones, The Neighbourhood, and a lot of other amazing bands released albums today and we are just happy to be part of the action. We also have been collaborating with a lot of new artists to help us stay inspired and keep us in the writing process. We just released a song with Brittney Burchett a couple of months ago and in the near future, we will be releasing a song with Zarenae, Domingo Juarez, and Chris Marsh.