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Join the Fight With Klashing Black’s Music Video, “Hold Us Down”

The brotherly alternative-pop duo Klashing Black serves justice and the need for equality within their latest powerful and conceptual music video for their single, "Hold Us Down."

After their launch in 2017, twin brothers Kane and Kyle Benner have been more than busy carving their distinct path down the street of alternative-pop music. Through their unique blend of edgy guitars, rich soundscapes, and sibling harmonies, Klashing Black is ready to touch on more essential and significant societal factors within their poignant releases.

Now releasing their heavily conceptual and empowering music video for their single, "Hold Us Down," viewers can catch Klashing Black offer an exhilarating and unique performance while accompanied by diverse actors to portray the need for global equality and acceptance.

Hitting play on the music video for "Hold Us Down," the journey opens with shots of Kane and Kyle Benner smashing their drums, keyboards, and electric guitar. While Klashing Black begins singing their chorus-like harmonies, they bring us into themes of acceptance and not being held down by the hand of oppression and blatant abuse. While the video continues with scenes of Klashing Black's powerful performance, we later see scenes of various actors from different nationalities and demographics.

We highly appreciate the inclusive approach within this music video, as each actor stands firm in their unique ground while allowing viewers to accept their unapologetic selves, just as it should be. We must also note Klashing Black's unique sonic arrangements within this piece, as they touch on various instrumental approaches to emphasize the video's inclusive feel.

Join the fight against discrimination and prejudices with Klashing Black's needed music video "Hold Us Down," now available on YouTube.

We must thank you for using your platform to touch on needed topics of inclusivity and equality, especially within your latest music video, "Hold Us Down." What initially inspired you to create this empowering music video?

The chorus in Hold Us Down was always meant to be sort of a rallying moment for people. It’s supposed to be universal as well, and applicable to anyone who’s ever been told that they can’t be themselves. So when we approached a video, we collaborated with our videographer to make sure all walks of life were represented.

Did you work with any directors, producers, or videographers when creating the music video for "Hold Us Down" How did they help get the video to where it needed to be?

Yes! We worked with the incredible John Fleischmann Media this time around. Along with helping us find extras to tell the story, he took the reigns during the shoot, working with the sound stage staff to get the lighting just right, and worked with us getting all of the shots on the list, along with bouncing ideas off each other. It was a really fun, amazing process.

What did you want your audience to take away and learn from the inclusive and empowering music video for "Hold Us Down?"

I think the biggest takeaway would be to not let anyone keep you from being who you are. Life can get monotonous, especially when people look down on creativity, and the video is supposed to be a visual representation that no one can take who you are away from you.

Does your duo usually create music that serves a greater purpose? Or is "Hold Us Down" your first time around touching on important and essential topics like discrimination and equality?

While in our past music we have dealt with deep topics before the subject matter was more centered on our past and was a bit broader. With Hold Us Down, it was the first time it felt like it is “right now”, and it feels like it’s literally made for anyone.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

With Hold Us Down, we worked on a few other tracks that go really well together in regards to scope and story. We love conceptual art and music, so we’re trying to do something really cool with that. Sooner rather than later, the story will continue!


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