Join the Party with Just Tommy's Recent Music Video, "Happy"

Bursting out of Tempe, AZ., the versatile artist and singer-songwriter Just Tommy follows up on the release of his latest cover of Pharrell's "Happy," with a lively and uplifting music video.

With an innate drive to create a wide-ranging discography that breaks the mold of traditional artistry, Just Tommy is laser-focused on inspiring others through his conceptual art. Providing a listening experience like no other, Just Tommy's live shows feature full-band backing tracks, his one-of-a-kind 7-string guitar, and atmospheric lighting to emphasize his sweet sonics.

In a previous feature, we were able to highlight Just Tommy's latest cover of Pharrell Williams' hit single, "Happy." This time around, Just Tommy makes the experience all the more memorable through an energetic and uplifting music video.

Elaborating on the music video for "Happy," the scene opens with Just Tommy hitting play on his cover of the original song. As he begins grooving to the track in the backyard of an apartment complex, he's later joined with four 60s dressed women playing with beach balls and basking in the sunlight. Just when we thought the visual experience couldn't get any 'happier,' an entire mob of partiers joins the scene and groove away to Just Tommy's brilliant rendition.

About a third of the way in, the song comes to a halt just upon nightfall, where Just Tommy knocks on a few doors and invites everyone back out for round two. As the video closes with pillow fights, beach balls, and smiles abound, we're left in need of an uplifting experience similar to what's captured in this vibrant video.

Let loose and get "Happy" with Just Tommy's latest music video, now available to stream on YouTube.