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Join Us In The Spotlight With Matt Bailey’s Profound New Single, "I’ll Be There"

Melbourne-raised Matt Bailey has been recognized locally and internationally on all fronts of the music industry. Genre-blending his hometown acoustics with new-age pop sonics, Matt continues to connect with all walks of life.

Matt Bailey has poured all of his passion through every word and strum of the guitar throughout his latest release. "I'll Be There" displays real and raw emotions through lyrics straight from the heart. Matt Bailey has crafted a masterpiece of melancholy lyrics as he calls out to his lover, "Tell me when you need me, and I'll be there."

Authentic and quality music has always been the standard for Matt, and he has an entire musical catalog to show for it.

We've sat down with the mastermind, Matt Bailey, and asked him about the moments that gave birth to the experiences he wrote about in his latest record. The resemblance of pattern in how Green Day created a record throughout the years and his relationship that began and grew into a sweet dream. The more time passed, the more he started to like her - a love aging like fine wine.

"The creative process, I think the song wrote itself. After recording it many times and playing it live, it told me what it needed over the years...".

Matt preaches about the satisfaction it brought him, having savored this release for one special day.

Read the full article and interview with Matt Bailey's "I'll Be There" here.

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