Join Us On An Encouraging Journey With Mike Habhab And His Debut Single, “I Ain’t Giving Up”

Mike Habhab is a singer and songwriter originally from Troy, Michigan. Mike, like most artists, started creating music to have a creative outlet for his feelings and experiences. With his compelling new song and his strong message, there are definitely lessons you and I could take away from this record.

Habhab says his debut single "I Ain't Giving Up" is about the past and how he was so negative yet still trying to stay positive. It's also about not giving up on his marriage with his wife, Dana.

"We were going through a rough time and I wrote this song to tell her how I feel and to let her know everything would work out."

"I Ain't Giving Up" takes us through a powerful journey as it talks about not giving up, even when you feel like there's no hope. "I Ain't Giving Up's" soft melodic cadences, powerful yet believable vocals, and uplifting messages give us light and encourage us in ways we will never forget.

"I Ain't Giving Up" takes us on a trip and the exact one we want to be on, that gets us to our destination safely but also helps us overcome some of those same fears Mike mentions in the song. We really enjoyed this "I Ain't Giving Up," with so many takeaways, this track is bound to leave an impression on anyone that presses play, so don't delay and listen today.

Congratulations on your latest single, "I Ain't Giving Up." Other than your past experiences, what inspired you to create this record, and how did you get in touch with all the collaborators to turn it into success?

I have always wanted to sing and was always writing poems for others. I was too nervous when it came to singing, and I did not think I would be good enough. As I am older now, I realized that I should at least try, if not for myself, then for our son and to show him to never give up on his dream. My inspiration for the record is based on my life experiences and what I have been through in the past, and the current situation in my life. I got in touch with Pearl Sound Studios with the information that was online, and I took a chance and called. My wife and I met with Chuck Alkazian (producer) and Zach Radcliff (vocals), where they talked about the process and what needed to be done. From there, I started to write my songs or my thoughts; whatever was going on in my head. When they were ready, Chuck and Zach did their magic which was great because they helped me to focus.

What have you learned throughout your life that has helped you in your creative process?

I have learned and still learning some hard lessons. I need to try to stop always being or thinking negatively and to try to have a better outlook and think more positively. Writing helps with that. It is a great outlet. Also, while I was writing, I was taking vocal lessons to help prepare me for future recordings and to get over my fear of public singing. I have had to work hard to get the outcome that I desire and how to come up with the plan to write and go to the studio to get it done.

You released "I Ain't Giving Up" with the Lyric Video, which shows us emotion at its finest. How did you come up with the video concept for it?

The video concept was all the designer's ideas from Ignite. I gave them a few suggestions, and they created a great lyric video that matched the theme of the song.

We loved the feeling this record brought. Will you be creating records similar to this, or do you see yourself branching out in the future?

I do plan on writing and making more music videos and trying to get over my nervousness and sing a few songs myself with a similar feel. All my future writing will still be based on my life because I am sure there are others who feel or go through the same things that I do. I want to give a strong message that there is hope, and I want my music to be an outlet to express myself.

What's next for you?

Keep writing, get back into the studio, and see where this journey takes me.