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Join Young God Blow In His Euphoric World With, “LIL MAMA!”

After taking a brief hiatus to recollect his catalog, the versatile, and creative artist, Young God Blow is back to reclaim his spot as your favorite artist. Ready to pull on your heartstrings, his newest single “LIL MAMA!” will have you serenading the object of your desire on the dance floor or in the middle of a mosh pit as the tracks waves of euphoria engulf your body.

Much like his previous hyper-pop single “ENERGY,” YGB comes through with a lyrical arsenal that scratches that one part of your brain that’s been itching for something new and exciting.

"LIL MAMA!" feature-rich, warm, melodic vocals, and smoke show beats that create an overall cohesiveness throughout the track. "LIL MAMA's" lyrics are straightforward and straight to the point, and YGB's attitude leaves a lasting impression. Lyrics like, "My heart kept following you, when you fell from the sky, you make it feel so perfect" and "I get lost in yo eyes feeling a spark ignite, ticking like a bomb baby girl you blow my mind."

"LIL MAMA!" is an irresistible tale of a lovers' pursuit, and YGB nails it by telling his audience what it's all about. The butterflies, the infatuation, the moment you realize you are under another trace, YGB smoothly serenades those details. As a listener, you're memorized by the smooth delivery of the lyrics and infectious motion of the beat.

Step into the vibe Young God Blow has built on "LIL MAMA!" streaming on all platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Young God Blow, thank you for joining us today! Let us dive into "LIL MAMA!," what was your experience when creating this record and did you have a specific process throughout that time? After my recent collaborative singles, I really wanted to make myself stand out as far as what I wanted to release for the new year. I was riding a high momentum wave after my previous hyper-pop single ‘ENERGY’ so I figured I’d go in that direction again. R.L Beats sent the beat over and it was named ‘Gemini’ which happens to be my girlfriend's zodiac sign so naturally, I was inspired to make this a love song of sorts and from there it was history. We love the sound of this record, what sparked the concept of this record and how did you decide on your featuring artist? So I fully wrote the entire song and I originally had intentions of singing it myself, but one day I showed my girlfriend the reference I had and she started singing back to me a lightbulb went over my head. I knew she had a beautiful voice and the song is essentially about her, so I asked if she wanted to sing the chorus and she did, which makes the song all the more special. Many artists find their niche and run it up, it seems you've found your lane in terms of sound. Do you think hyper-pop best displays your feelings and why? I’ve never felt like I was able to place myself in a box which is what made it hard to find a niche I was able to stick to, but I still don't. But what I do know is I always bring raw energy and upbeat vibes. Hyper-pop has definitely helped me find a “lane” I can slide into but not restrict what I have to offer. What I love about hyper-pop is I can rap about some over-the-top sexual innuendos or keep it sincere and throw in themes of love, all that matters is the energy you display and that’s all I do baby. Your lyrical precision on "LIL MAMA!" displays your epic songwriting abilities. Have you had writer's block in the past and if not, then how do you stay in your creative pocket? Oh hell yeah, I get writer/creative block all the damn time. As an artist, it’s hard when you’re already fighting to get yourself seen or heard, so when you can’t draw inspiration from yourself it’s a huge letdown. But I live by a few sets of words “don’t force yourself” nothing natural comes out of trying to force the issue. When I get in a creative funk I take time to myself and relax, have fun, & enjoy life. Creative inspiration can come from anywhere but if you sit and try to make it happen that won’t work at all. So learning to take breaks and find yourself is definitely advice I can give others to find their creative pocket. What's next for you? I have a ton of amazing stuff planned out this year it’s got me excited haha. Let’s just say music, videos, merch & possibly a mixtape is headed everyone’s way. Super thrilled to put it out into the world


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