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Jojo Engelbert Plays Tug Of War With Her Heart On “Not A Real Blond”

The rising star gradually chips away at the barriers between them.

What would growing up in a family of talented siblings be like? Although some would shy away from the spotlight, pop-punk artist Jojo Engelbert has embraced it instead, brightly blazing a trail of her own with electric release after electric release.

Drawing inspiration from iconic acts like Lana Del Ray, Marina, and Avril Lavigne, this young artist has cultivated a sound that shows an artistic maturity far beyond her years, and her honest and reflective lyricism has endeared her to listeners everywhere. With more good music on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what this talented artist will do next.

Having already put the industry on notice with dynamic hit singles “Grown Up” and “Sweet n Sour,” Engelbert has set herself on a firm trajectory to stardom. With an unashamedly pop-punk sound, her music transparently touches on themes like teenage angst, identity formation, and the emotional struggles of growing up.

Engelbert puts her heart and soul into her music, and you can feel it, and this lyrical authenticity is part of the reason she’s managed to connect with so many listeners on more than a surface level. Every release is meaningful, and the future continues to look bright for this rising star.

From when Engelbert’s big sister Zoey pitched “Not a Real Blond,” Jojo instantly knew the release would suit her. Everything fit perfectly, from the hook, lyrics, and even the vocal range required. Featuring an attention-grabbing music video, “Not A Real Blond” is another appealing offering that feels like it has something for everyone.

Directed by Jojo’s dad Matt, punk fans will notice that “Not a Real Blond” draws heavily from classic punk imagery, barbed hearts, paper-clipping lyrics, and more. Also drawing influence from the instantly iconic Barbie movie and 90’s classic Clueless, the video sees Jojo and her crush (outfitted with obnoxiously perfect blond hair) play tug of war with her heart. At first apprehensive of her love interest’s intentions, Engelbert gradually warms up as they spend time together until a dip in the pool ultimately washes away the last barriers between them.

Jojo Engelbert’s latest release, “Not a Real Blond,” is an exciting offering that appeals to both the ears and eyes. Featuring an entertaining music video that shows Jojo’s impressive acting range, there seems to be nothing this talented rising star can’t do.

Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Engelbert’s new release, “Not a Real Blond,” available now on all major streaming platforms, and check out the charming music video, too, available on YouTube.

We loved “Not A Real Blond”; you also showed your talent for the screen! We had to ask, what was your favorite part of bringing the video for “Not a Real Blond” to life?

First of all, thank you for this interview. I’m so glad you are enjoying “Not A Real Blond.” As much as I love singing, I’m equally passionate about acting. And to be able to do both with this video was great. Jackson Dorfmann is a talented actor; working with him was so much fun.

So you come from a very musical and artistically talented family! What’s it like having a family so wholeheartedly into music, and what has it meant for your music?

I never really think much about it because it is just the household I grew up in. Everything was music. When I was young, Ariel, Zoey, and Eli would be shooting their TV shows most of the week. I just thought that was normal. I like teaming up with Eli because his electronic music is so incredible. And when Zoey pitched me “Not A Real Blond,” I fell in love with the melody, hook, and range. Typically, I would like a darker Lana Del Rey type of sound.

What’s your favorite part of being a musician and being able to put out your music?

I get to perform songs that are meaningful to me. Songs that resonate with me. I’m a massive Lana Del Rey, Marina, and Hayley Williams fan. I love their voice and style, and sound. They are unique. And I think it’s important to find your look and sound. I think I’m there now.

What does music mean to you, and how would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before?

I love singing and performing. I also find a lot of comfort in music. It’s a place where you can escape. The sound of my music and the music I am drawn to is more alternative or pop-punk.

What’s next for Jojo Engelbert? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

I am writing songs and teaming up with great people to produce new tracks, in addition to performing live shows. I appreciate the kindness I receive on social media. I know it can be a very unkind place, but I have been quite fortunate with the response I’ve had. And I’m very grateful for that.


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