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JOL Takes Us On An Undercover Adventure On “Lost In This Game”

Why do humans constantly make so many bad decisions?

Equal parts music producer, composer, and digital artist, there’s not much in the creative realm Swedish artist JOL can’t envision or accomplish. Born Joel Eriksson, the budding talent would flex his creative muscles from an early age, playing the piano at local castles while wearing a Mozart Wig.

The flames of JOL’s love for music were continually stoked, and this would only increase when he decided to attend Hvitfeldtska Music School, surrounding himself with like-minded creatives and taking his musical and artistic abilities to exciting new heights.

Although he always possessed a natural ear for music, Hvitfeldtska Music School would deepen JOL’s understanding of music composition, adding another layer of artistic depth to his releases. After deciding to team up with fellow artist Quant, JOL and Quant would perform at major festivals like Roskilde and Hultsfred, showing his ability to captivate on the stage just as much as the studio. Having also created music for games like EA’s Battlefield 1942 and movies alike, it would not be an understatement to say that JOL’s impressive versatility makes him so appealing, and as the years go by, he continues to evolve.

“Lost in this Game” occupies a peculiar musical space where pop, bedroom pop, and electronic music intersect. It’s a combination that isn’t obvious, but JOL has combined them so well that the fusion feels natural and compelling. Lyrics like “Lost, in this game, all systems fail / Humans could never run a human world” are delivered with sincere sadness (and maybe disappointment) that hints at a powerful narrative: humanity’s propensity for self-sabotage. The light vocals make an exciting contrast with lyrics that are deeper than they first appear, but “Lost in this Game” is so catchy we don’t blame you if you missed it.

“Lost in this Game” is a catchy yet thought-provoking release that questions the morals and empathy of humanity itself. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream JOL’s new release, “Lost In This Game,” on all majour streaming platforms.


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