Jon Omen Swallows His Pride And Wears His Heart On His Sleeve In “A Girl Like You”

Jon Omen was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. His musical journey began at 14 years old when he began writing music. After high school, he turned down a chemistry scholarship to join the Marine Corps. During his service, he placed roots near the city in his twenties when he gained acquaintances at a local studio, where he was able to create music and receive industry advice on how to succeed as an artist. He played in several bands around the city, playing mostly rock and alternative. After deciding to reinvent himself, he began a solo project, trying to find new sounds. With inspiration from Foster the People, The Neighborhood, and AJR, Jon Omen has been able to create a sound entirely his own. Jon will release his debut EP in 2019, stay tuned!

“A Girl Like You” is a retrospective track at Jon Omen’s thoughts and feelings about his dream girl. The light-hearted pop tune is an upbeat love anthem that we’re bumping on repeat! “A Girl Like You” is refreshingly truthful and vulnerable. “Does A Girl Like You ever think about a guy like me?”, Jon belts out throughout the chorus. He curates a relatable hit for everyone from all walks of life to enjoy. The rhythmic textures fuse brilliantly with Jon’s powerful, meaningful vocals. The empowering track is definitely being added to our playlists and we highly recommend you do they same!

Listen to “A Girl Like You” here and read more with Jon Omen in our interview.

Hi Jon! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started as a singer/songwriter? 

I started writing songs when I was about 14 or so. I played in several different bands growing up which forced me to always be writing. I joined the military when I was 19 and that forced me to shift more into the songwriter state of mind and I wouldn't usually have many instruments around me, a guitar at most. After I got out I kept writing songs, I love helping other artists take their vision in their mind and turning it into something great.

How do you draw inspiration from your various musical influences? 

The most important thing for me has got to be a vibe. I care about how a song makes me feel. Its possible to hear two songs from two completely different genres and get the same feeling from them, and that's such an amazing thing to me.

Tell us more about the lyrics in “A Girl Like You”! What emotions did you have to channel while creating this song?

This song is about meeting that person who you have an instant connection with. We've all met that person while out at a party, club, or wherever that you are inexplicably drawn to. You know if you don't get up and talk to them, you'll regret it for a long time. This song is about taking that chance with them.

What’s your favorite lyric in “A Girl Like You”? Why?

I have a thing for the bridge section in songs, they give me a chance to put a twist on things. "you don't have a chance boy, you'll make a mistake. I said that is alright cuz its a risk that I'll take. I know a girl like her has probably met a lot of guys like me." I love the spin on the chorus lyric at the end there.

What are you currently working on? We’d love to hear what’s next!

I have a lot! I have an EP I've finished and will be releasing in the coming months. I'm also writing an album with some AWESOME tracks that I will release sometime next year. Cant wait for all the stuff to come next!


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